Technology Society today is based on electronics or different types of technologies. Electronics such as Laptops, Tablets, and cell phones. Technology has made life a lot easier, but it has allowed people to take up a lot of their time. Cutting down our devices may allow us to start to focus on what is more important and help us learn to struggle in order to achieve. Mobile Phone Gamers thinks Its right to cut off signals on our electronic devices, which could better us a society. According to Sherry Turtle's essay "Can you hear me now? She points out the negative impact of cellular phones and there handheld devices on our social skills, which is a legitimate claim. Another source that also Involves how technology has Interrupted our society Is a New York Times article written on August 24, 2010, this speaks about how digital devices deprive brain of needed downtime. The article speaks on how a woman multicasts in the gym while using her devices and also different studies that are found in on how these digitalis devices have changed our lives. Technology may be beneficial when it comes to communicating.

Sometimes communicating with someone may be difficult when using technology. An electronic device called a GAPS maybe helpful for directions. Some people may find it very helpful, instead of asking someone for directions, such as meeting up with someone and needing a location. Sherry Turtle says "we nevertheless have created a communication culture that has decreased the time available for us to sit and think. Uninterrupted" (Sherry Turtle 384) . In other words, we never seem to find time for us to sit and think without being interrupted. Technology has made everything very easy for us.

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Making life lazy and allowing us to use our minds less In order to figure out wings. Our devices have made our life a lot easier and children growing up may not ever know the old fashion way of learning, like actually brainstorming ways to figure out things that are difficult to learn. Sherry feels the best way to make more time Is by powering down our devices. Although this may be a lot difficult for a lot of us, this may be the best way to getting a lot of things done. Drawing all of your attention towards your device stops you from doing what you think can be done in time.

In the essay, Sherry writes that "there was time In life of an urban child that they had to navigate the city alone, without having a cell phone" (Turtle 384). Children do not have the experience of being alone and having to count on themselves. In further words, without having cell phone children will not be able to figure out ways on their own to explore the city or how to get around. According to the New York Times article, It speaks on how a women name Ms. Bates Multicasts with her devices while she works out in the gym. It is known that Ms.

Bates might be more clearly headed if she went for a run outside, and away from her vices for a while. People use phones and other electronic devices to get work done and as a reliable answer to boredom. The reporter for the New York Times says that "Even though technology makes the tiniest windows of time entertaining, and possibly productive, scientists point to an unexpected side effect of this mattВ« (Mat 1 OFF with digital input, they are losing downtime that could allow them to better learn and remember information, or come up with new ideas. In other words, technology distracts us from brainstorming or learning new things.

We get caught up in electronics and forget about what is going on around us. The articles speaks on how in the University of Michigan, a study found that people learned significantly better after a walk exploring nature than after a walk in a dense urban environment, advising that processing a bombardment of information leaves people exhausted. Even though people feel entertained, or maybe relaxed, when they multicast while exercising, or pass a moment at the bus stop by catching a quick video clip, they might be taxing their brains, scientists say. A neuroscience in the University of

Michigan says that "People think they're refreshing themselves, but they're fatiguing themselves" (Mat Richter 2010). Using your devices while doing other things may not be as helpful to your brain as you think. It's an distraction to the mind and it also confuses you. Even though society today is based on electronics that stops us from trying to do things on our own, we can combat this issue on us allowing technology to take over what we want to do. By doing this we can find hobbies. Finding hobbies can be a great option to help distract us from our devices. This may even distract us more than technology.

Joining a book club or playing sports could be a good choice of a hobby. The potential use of mobile phone Gamers may be the best way for society. Rather than counting on our devices or technology to do the thinking for us. In conclusion, if Mobile Phone Gamers block out our signals devices, this can then allow us to forget about our devices. Also this may allow us to find distraction other than technology that can better us as a society.

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