Nowadays the way many people interact with each other has changed because of technology. In your opinion, has this become a positive or negative development? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. Don't forget to Include counter-argument and refutation. With the development of technology, the methods of communication between many people have been changed. People have many different ways of evaluating these changes. Some people think it has negative effects. However, others think it has positive sides of it.

One thing that people can't en that since technology has appeared communication process became so much easier and convenient. Technology makes the way people Interact with each other become a positive development by providing many benefits and Improving humans emotions. First, there is no doubt that technology brings people a lot of benefits. Needless to say, saving time and money are the most particular things people can think of when it comes to technology. Technology makes interaction easier through many kinds of social network and it becomes an useful tool when people are In a hurry (lone K, n. ). Recently, there have been a lot of applications from social network and software such as yahoo, small, Keep, etc.... For example, people used to interact with each other by handwriting letters or face to face talk in the past time. It costs plenty of time, the efficiency of communication will be affected, sometimes may lead to message delay. Furthermore, everybody can contact with each other for free on these applications. Besides making communication more convenient, communication technology has helped to make communication more accessible, especially long-distance communication.

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There are a lot of things people can entertain and much more when using technology such as cell phones. It allows people to contact with friends wherever and whenever they want. (Russell A-Isabella, 2010). And modern devices are the important part in communication such as Wi-If, 36, and Bluetooth... No matter where you are, you can easily and instantly communicate with people in other cities, states and countries. For instance, people use Phone to update morning traffic incident news on twitter or backbone while traveling to office which helps friends to avoid traffic jam area.

Moreover, people can make new friends through technology especially by Internet. Besides meeting through friends or in bars, restaurants and other public places, 22% of heterosexual couples now meet online especially by the Internet. (Professor C. J. Pastor, 2013). For people who are socially awkward, computer-mediated communication such as online forums and chat rooms can help create a more fulfilling social life. Despite such benefits, some people seem believe that technology has the negative side which can't be Ignored either. People depend on this technology too much.

For example people almost cannot live without their mobile phones. However, technology is definitely useful, and without it the world would probably not be what it is today. And sometimes original communications seem to be impossible in emergency situations such as when your car breaks down. To sum up, since the advent of technology, the ways people Interact have changed a lot in a positive way. Another positive advantage of technology Is Improving humans emotion. It Is clear that technology with new people, or tend to speak in public forums.

Technology has allowed for shy people to use these outlets to lose their fears and inhibitions of speaking out on a specific issue or communicating to the public. Technology has allowed for shy people to open and speak up to the multitude of people without immediate feedback (Cruz. A. R, 2012). For example, a lot of students have trouble with giving speech, but now it's not a big thing anymore because they can film their homework and put it on the screen instead of stuttering in front of class. In addition, technology allows people express their emotions and not feeling lonely anymore.

A technology called Google Glass can identify humans emotions and it could change the relationship between human. There is evidence to demonstrate that Google Glass has already helped the disabled. 26-year-old Alexandra Blackjacks is paralyzed from the chest down but can now surf the web and communicate with friends, now she feels alive than ever. On the other hand, some people accused that technology makes human become passive and heartless. As people are not communicating through face to face, miscommunication is unavoidable and misunderstanding will arise too.

Moreover, when you're online, you can't be 100% positive the person you're talking to s who you think they are and opposite, you become a big fat liar thanks to technology. "However, social networking starts to sound like an addiction, but Hampton Results suggest perhaps it is a good addiction to have. After all, he found that people who use Backbone multiple times a day are 43% more likely than other Internet users to feel that most people can be trusted"(Gambling, n. D). If people know how to use technology in the right way it will turn out a positive value. Technology itself doesn't make people become indifferent.

Humans have to believe in themselves hat they're basically good and smart; technology is Just a wonderful tool that makes communication come to be easier. It is far from clear where the changes technology has brought to our lives will eventually take us. Technology has certainly revolutionized communication between people, but not all of the outcomes of this revolution have been negative. While some fear that using too much technology will lead to harmful physical interaction skills. Nowadays, interactions by email, phones or videos are almost as good as face to face meetings which so much faster and easier.

Even though there's some downsides, technology still provides very efficient ways of communications. When people heard about the term "technology', most of them always think of its positive aspects.