Technology: Help or Hindrance? According to the World Book Encyclopedia, "technology refers to the inventions- including tools, techniques and processes-that people make and use to survive and prosper. " The World Book Encyclopedia also states that "technology fits people's needs and desires. Basically what people want. " (Reynolds 74) Technology provides the help this generation needs. Technology is a positive help towards society because communicating is a lot easier and tools/machines can increase to make life easier and more advanced. Communication is a must have in this generation.

New communication technologies, such as satellites, television, and the World Wide Web, allow people to see things thousands of miles away without ever leaving their homes," World Book Encyclopedia states, meaning that no matter where people are or what people are doing, there is access to the whole world at peoples fingertips. (Reynolds 76) Most people think that communication is bad for the brain and for kids, but, thinking about it, communication and technology with the internet is actually a huge, positive, impact on our lives. Technology and communication allows the flexibility some people deed to balance work and personal life.

An executive in Toronto named Craig Wilson states that he can "take his children too Linking Park concert and be able to duck out to finish a task for a client in Australia, he says, Without disruption to my family commitment or my work commitment. " With family and work conflict, it's easy to get caught to in one and forget about the other, but with technology, people can control and take care of both at the same time. "Given the widespread adoption of smartness, text messaging, video calling and social media, today's professionals mean it when they brag about staying connected to work 2417. (Emcee 1) With all of the new communication technology, people are able to talk a lot easier and faster than a handwritten letter can be sent and received. Being connected to the world 2417 is not a bad thing. What if, while at work, there is a family event needing to be attended? With this generations communication technology knowing about and being able to go to those family events, while having work in reach, is possible. What if there is an emergency? Getting in touch with the situation is easy Just by sending a ext or calling someone.

With the satisfaction of knowing that you can be so connected with the world, people can accomplish a lot with little stress. A 47 year old managing director, Ms. Marches states, "I'm not a stressed-out person, nor am I this maniac. I am committed, connected, and responsive. " (Emcee 2) Kids, these days, use communication world, and social networks to keep in touch with their friends and family that they don't see or can't get a hold of. Testing, calling, video chatting, and social messaging is a lot faster. But communication is used for more than Just immunization for fun.

There are some people that actually need communication devices to live their life normally. For example, "New Technology Helps to Give a Voice to Disabled," states that for people with disabilities, there is technology to help those people to communicate the best way they can. For example, the app "Tap Speak" to develop "simple communication. " People that can't speak due to a disability or a birth detect can speak Walt ease, Walt tense types AT communication developments I nerve are also people out there who have family members that are deployed.

According to "Heroes at Home: technology helps family connect during deployment," there is a family living through a deployment that now has access to "an internet service called Skips" so they are able to chat with the deployed member of their family a couple times a week. Communication technology is more than Just what it seems. Whether kids Just having fun, help for the disabled, or being able to have a family and their loved ones connect while away, communication helps everyone and is a must have in this generation. Tools and machines have a huge impact on this world.