If communicating across continents in the blink of an eye; Cripples our mind If being able to unfold the untold depths of this universe; Cripples our mind If having all the Information in the world ready at our fingertips; Cripples our mind Then, Yes, Indeed Technology- Cripples our mind " Honorable chairperson, respected principal(s), teachers, members of the Jury, my worthy opponents and not to forget my fellow mates. A Very Good Morning to one and all.

The topic for today Is "Technology creates more problems than It can solve" and I am strongly In favor of the motion. Before I begin, I'd Like to ask all of you: How many of you post a picture of your food on Mainstream before eating It? How many of you update your Faceable status at least once before going to bed? How many of you make the use of LOL, ROOF or LAMA while interacting with your friends? Exactly. Don't you think technology has had the greatest influence on teenagers?

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Everywhere you go, whether it is at a friend's place or a shopping mall -we all can agree that every person is deeply occupied with what the latest trends are. There is no doubt that technological advances have made our lives easier. However, everything comes at a cost and hence we are paying a hefty price for relentless use of technological tools. Firstly, technology causes threat to our environment. Man has become an enemy of nature and his own self! The water we drink is no longer safe. The air we breathe is laden with the pollutants.

The ozone layer that provided a natural protection again fiendish ultraviolet rays is depleting Secondly, human beings have become slaves of their own machines. We have become so dependent on technology that we need a calculator for solving a sum, rather than utilizing our brain! Furthermore, the confidential information is no longer safe from the hackers. We constantly hear about bank accounts, email DSL, faceable accounts being hacked! The advent of technological era has brought many changes which have made a considerable impact on human life.

Technology is undoubtedly the mind-boggling, mind-ordering drug of the 21 SST century. On one hand technology has remarkably improved our standard of living but on the other hand it has also exposed us to new problems some of which are irremediable.. Technology has created such great dependency and ultimately granted a feeling of numbness.

Are we really lucky to be called the tech-sway generation? Has all the modern day technologies and comforts disentangled our problems? Hasn't over-dependence on technology crippled man's ability to think? Before I put an end to my speech, I'd like to share a quote by the greatest scientist of all times, Albert Einstein: " It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity. " Thank you! (Note: This is not my work. The writer has granted me permission to use her article, and she deserves credit for writing this.