All these advancements have led to change the way, that health care will be delivered In the future. The level of technology Is always growing and within public circles, high- technology medical care has been viewed as a curse and a blessing, because, one point is that purchasing and fully implementing new high technologies can be expensive, yet cost savings for both institutions and patients (insurance carriers too) can be anticipated because there is normally a positive benefit/cost calculation.

There is no doubt that many new diagnostic technologies make medical care more successful and give us insights into the causes of disease and the mechanisms of cure. The other one is the benefits of new technologies that benefits patients, revisers, and the infrastructure is to improve the quality of communication and the capacity to communicate for both clinical and documentation purpose. Around the world, Inventors are creating novel Information and communication technology applications and systems that can Improve health for everyone In different environmental settings.

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Now this technology Is poised to alter how health care Is delivered, the quality of the patient care, experience, and the cost of health care. One major opportunity for improving quality relates to increasing the use of information technology. The most beneficial issue is that the ability to store lot of information of the patient data at one place which has become easy by storing the data by using the electronic records ( Sheaves, K. , Bookworms,J ) which are playing a major part for diagnosing, analyzing and even billing of the patient.

Electronic medical records are used for further references for the doctor and all the available staff, which gives them an idea regarding the patient and the treatment under going, which makes the work easy and also reduces the errors made by humans. Such innovations In the use f Information and communication technologies and the use of mobile technologies to Improve health system performance could facilitate access to new diagnostic procedures and treatment for millions of people all over the world. Later part of this health care system and it's ever increasing demand in the medical field.

How mobile Devices are transforming Health care: The Global usage of mobile technology has expanded dramatically, and applications in the mobile technology ( In, F. , ; Care, H. (2011). ) field have improved the communication to a better way in almost all the parts of the life. Now this technology is poised to alter the way, health care is delivered, the quality of the patient, experience, and the cost of health care. Introduction of mobile phones in the medical field has brought a lot of changes in the life style of providers and the consumers of health care system, which is making the work easier and most convenient.

Health care providers and specialists are more likely to be located in densely- populated areas because that is where hospitals and advanced equipment are found, (Sings, R. , Lighter, M. 1. , Danna, A). But, there are many organizations from different parts of the roll, which are conducting various types of programs for development of the community health. Mobile technology is helping with chronic disease management, empowering the elderly and reminding people to take medication at the proper time, extending service to undeserved areas, (rural areas) (Is, W. L. T. , Grahame, W. , Has, F. , ; So, L. 2011)) and improving health outcomes and medical system efficiency. Extending Rural Access: Nearly, every nation has disparities between urban and rural areas. Urban areas are the most densely populated and expected to have more medical services available Han the rural areas. Access to medical care in rural areas is a challenge in every country around the world. Mobile care for diagnosis and screening (MOCHA) (Cell, L. A. , Garments, L. , Rooters) is program from the developing countries, which is encouraging the use of mobile services for the better communication between the patient and doctor.

This program is also helping in time management and it is cost effective. With the available knowledge, applications in the phone, data can be stored, and this data is made available to the patient, which can be used at any time. Cell hones are one of the better ways for communicating with the people in developing countries as the number of users is increasing drastically. 'Mobile technology is used to simplify the use of electronic medical records'(Sheaves, K. , Bookworms, J. 2006) and the stored information can be used by any staff member in the health department and they can deliver to the patient to view their records directly. Organizations that are running these programs are educating the people to register themselves and get the advantages provided to them. These programs are also helping them to know the better way of approaching the health care system. Even the rural areas can get the accessibility to the health care and can lead a better life style. Helping the Elderly: Large portions of the society are occupied by the elderly in health care system and they have to be served in better ways.

Mobile technology has the potential to help the elderly and can serve the purpose of service provided to them. One of the biggest problems for elderly patients is forgetting to take their prescription drugs. This means that we lose half of the benefit of prescription drugs through human error. This costs the systems billions in negative health outcomes. The elderly patients are minded regarding their medication through a cell phone by alerting them with a Digital technology allows people to 'overcome the limitations of geography (Chaw,P. Y.

K, in health care and access information at a distance. This makes it possible for patient to take a second decision without visiting another physician by sending relevant medical test for more enquiries. High technology in medicine is generally regarded as a source of significant professional prestige, and in a broader cultural sense, strong social values favor its application, particularly for life-threatening disease opinion. By improving the access to mobile genealogy, can bring a lot of change in the health care of the elderly and the community health to a better part.

Exploring the available technology in the field of medicine will always have a special attention and will gain a hallmark in the future and has a positive impact on the health of the elderly. What is health care information technology (IT): Information technology is something which is used to collect the information, from different sources, store and can be transformed into data and is transferred electronically (Madcap 2003) wherever it is necessary. The same is applicable to the lath care systems for the patient data which is more accessible to physicians, nurses and the working staff and this has "reduced lot of errors" (Bates, D.

W. , & Gander, A. A. (2003). ) in the data entry during the diagnostic procedure or in giving the medications to the patient. Information technology has many applications, which can be used to remind the human errors and can show the duration of the medications given and that can save the information for long hours so, they decrease negative impact on the patient health even during the surgical procedures and information is typically stored electronically. Electronic medical record (EMMER) is considered as the key for U. S. Health care strategy,( Kumar, S. , & Aldrich, K. 2010). ) Which has a specific data of every patient, stored in different records and used whenever the patient arrives to the medical center for the review. The data will be stored and is retrieved when any of the staff need to work on and provides the complete details of the treatment, which a patient is undergoing and this helps a lot for any staff to look on and continue with the treatment. Electronic medical records are also useful for the reimbursement (Ringleaders, T. C. 1997) and they are sent to the insurance departments for billing and they are accounted.

Information stored regarding the patient can be sent to other hospitals if a patient has admitted in any case of emergency. So that the information provided will be handy for the staff to deal with the case and they will have the medical status of the patient to deal further this has brought tremendous changes in the health system mostly in U. S. And even the other parts of the world. The knowledge in the technology that can be applied to the medical field is always increasing the hope of the people to live longer and thou much health complications.

Utilization of the recent advancements in diagnosing chronic disease and providing with a solution to treat with very less invasive style has decreased lot of post-operative complications in an individual. Although there are advancement in the field of medicine, there will be a barrier to adjust with new application in any organization, (information, T. H. , Society, M. S. ). III the staff members in various departments may not knew how to apply technology into medicine and needs some training to learn and apply it, as such there are & Jason, K. , 2006).

Implementation of information technology has many obligations in the medical field due it is cost and adoption of the emerging technology by everyone in the health care department and the low diffusion of technology is because it is very complex and is not easily understood. Security of the information (Genealogy, K. , & Fenton, S. H. (2008) is the other part when we are implementing electronic medical records because they are send to other organizations to store the data or for billing or for insurance and even the information can be exploited easily because of the web services available and everything is online.

There is chance for the hackers to exploit very sensitive information available in the stored data, so there is some security check yet times they are misused by unlocking. Advantages of electronic medical records : Improving communication by 'electronic medical records and electronic hospital records (Studded M. ,2005) which can be used for sharing the patient data between the hospital. The use of computers can effectively decrease the rate of errors. Information technology helps in accessing the data of the patient from any part of the world and this is becoming the advantage to save the life of a person.

Educating person in a rural area has become easy because of the technology and by communicating them either by television or cell phone and they can be explained regarding the crests and troughs of the disease. Man made errors can be ruled out, physician will have the complete data of the patient and there will be no errors of calculation, illegibility of handwritten orders, and errors in transcription. So, by this lot of errors can be prevented and when the physician needs to order any medication then he will have the complete knowledge and can prescribe a medicine directly by taking into consideration of the available data.

The descriptive level (ГёEverett, J. , Scott, T. , Randall,2007) of the electronic medical record is so innovative that, everyone in the health care system can view the details of the patient like medications, allergies they have for certain drugs, previous medical history, number of visits to the medical center, and his personal information like age, gender, patient personal details like fertility or any genealogical problems (female).

So, it gives complete information regarding patient which is very advantageous but at same time we need to remember the drawbacks it has like the security of the records when we are reentering the data to the second parties. Summary: The development of health service and intensive technological advancements has rose the confidence level of people. Health care system occupies greater portion in the society and in that information technology plays the key role, as technology is developing day by day there are many new applications coming up in the medical field for diagnosing the disease and inventing the treatment in a less invasive model.

Technology is like growing baby we can mold the way we need that either in a positive way are negative way so we should be very particular when we are applying NY new technology in the medical field. There might be few implications in applying the technology in medical field but it is not very hard to overcome, Just need to have a little more practice to see the fruitful result ( Kumar, S. , ; Aldrich, K. (2010).

Electronic medical records are impressive that they carry a ready-made stored data available for the staff to act on the patient that can minimize the errors committed Transfer of the data from one to other sectors is now very easy because of the availability of the electronic medical records and even it is cost effective for the individual and it is benefiting the insurance holders and they show lot of impact. ( Visitant, A. , Sings, S. R. , ; Weinstein, P. (2010). Knowledge increases when we communicate to others; same is in the health care system.

Communication is the way we exchange our thoughts, can share and can advertise any particular organization or program. Communication has a big role to play in the health care system. There are no barriers for communication between countries. Every new invention can be propagated to any part of the world either by internet or television r the better way is by the mobile phone that are having an ever increasing share in the developing countries. Mobile phone technology is showing an impressive result in the accordance with the elderly and more prominent in the developing countries.

Multiple purpose of the cell phone is due to the applications available in it. Hospitals can send a short message service (SMS) to the patient reminding them of their appointments and even reminding them regarding the medication which will be like an alarm and will show better signs of the health of the patient. It is cost effective it ill show positive signs and helpful for the elderly. In conclusion, technology always has a great impact on the life style of the people and it can increase the life expectancy when it is channeled in a proper direction and the improved diagnosis in the medicine have given hope for better life.