Socrates as a martyr

Socrates was a great Greek philosopher and the proponent of the “Socratic Method”. He is…


Socrates, the great philosopher of the fifth century, once stated that ‘an unexamined life is…

Socrates and the King

Socrates and Martin Luther King, Jr. are two renowned personalities in their own times. These…


I’ve always wondered what a man is without morality. What is he without the obstacle…

Socratic Method

The Socratic Method of teaching is one that has survived throughout many decades. The Socratic…

Socrates' Success

My aim of this paper is to illustrate Socrates’ criteria of a good definition by…

The Gorgias

Men should also, he says, be quick to bring their friends and family to justice….

Plato’s Republic

Question (a) What Glaucon wants to hear from Socrates is a good and clear demonstration…

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