Being a Cripple

A variety of words can be used in the act of describing someone who is…

Chickens Range Free

The Opinion piece ‘Chickens range free “is written by Jo Smith, expressing her support for…

Romeo and Juliet

Sometimes fate is like a small sandstorm that keeps changing direction. You can change direction…


Race is a critical factor in Othello, the story of the ‘dark Moor’ who gives…

Is Hamlet Deceitful

In the first two acts of Hamlet there are a few characters that are deceitful….

Streetcar Named Desire

Novels and plays often depict characters caught between colliding cultures – national, regional, ethnic, religious,…

Romeo and Juliet

1. What reason does Paris give for Lord Capulet’s decision to move up the wedding?…

Troilus and Cressida

Countless people have said- Shakespeare is to be seen, not read. This statement could not…

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