Greek mythology

Greek mythology

Trojan War and Hecuba

The play Hecuba is a classic Greek tragedy. Hecuba is a queen, during the Trojan…

Greek and Roman Culture

Roman and Greek cultures have many differences, but also many similarities. Rome inherited most of…

Percy Jackson

There were many characteristics of Percy Jackson that were similar to those of Greek Heroes….

The Myth of Pandora

Two brothers named Epimetheus and Prometheus lived in Ancient Greece. They had upset the gods…


After Odysseus left Calypso’s island, he sails by the starts for 17 days. At this…


Universal truth is an unalterable and permanent fact. It means that something is true no…

Descent into Hades

In Greek mythology, Hades referred to both to the Greek underworld and the god of…

Oedipus: A Victim of Fate

Oedipus, the protagonist from Sophocles’ “Oedipus the King”, is a great example of the immense…

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