Duke of Northumberland's

Historians have held differing views as to the roles of Somerset and Northumberland. Northumberland was…

William the Conqueror

William the Conqueror played a significant role in many aspects of England during the medieval…

My life in England

My life in England is completely different from life I lead in Poland. First of…

Queen Elizabeth I

Over its centuries of existence, England has had many different rulers sit on its throne….

Old English Era

The history of England began with the arrival of humans thousands of years ago. What…

The Surprise Ending

In Jonathan Swift’s essay A Modest Proposal, the author uses satire in the essay and…

Weather Forecast

“Hello, yesterday, yes, was the hottest day of October on record, 29 degrees was high….

The Way of the World

Discuss the way oe the world as restoration comedy of manners. Ans. Restoration as a…

The tudors

The royal power extended to a large extent because the changes made by Henry VII…

Memorable journey

Last summer I decided to prove myself and took an English course at Cambridge, England….

Three generations

In the ancient city of London, on a certain autumn day in the second quarter…

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