Drug and illegal

In 1995, the year of Leah Betts’s 18th birthday, had taken ecstasy which is known…

Legalizing Drugs

Dear Mr. Gillespie, I recently read your article about legalizing drugs, which I found to…

Why Society Use Drugs

Pharmacologists refer to substances that have an impact on thinking, feeling, mood, and perception as…

Border War: Drugs

The DEA estimates that the drug cartels generate about $10 billion annually from the sale…

The War on Drugs

The use, misuse and abuse of drugs is one of the least-understood problems society faces….

Drug Testing Animals

This company believes testing drugs on animals is necessary. Using humans to test certain vaccines…

Mexican Drug Cartels

President Calderon’s government is currently fighting the drug problem of Mexico. In Calderon’s home in…

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