Heterosocial leisure

Heterosocial leisure is defined by Merriam-Webster as “of, relating to, or involving social relationships between…

My Favorite Shoes

“Please complete a one page personal statement and submit it with your application. “ How…

Dances with Wolves

The movie Dances With Wolves was a very symbolic movie and I really enjoyed getting…

Bhangra History

Throughout the semester our class has been opened up to experiencing the Vancouver Bhangra Community….

Martha Graham

Martha Graham once said, “Dance is the hidden language of the soul. ” Ballet is…

Pina Bausch

Arlene Croce (The New Yorker), once descibed Pina Bausch as, ‘ a pornographer of pain’….

Cry - Alvin Ailey

‘Cry’ is a dance choreographed by a very talented and well-recognised choreographer named Alvin Ailey….

Dance and Fashion

There’s an exciting fashion trend happening – dance. The dance and fashion industries seem to…

Dance Event

Saturday June 8th people of all ages packed into a crowded area, and filled up…

History of Salsa

Salsa is a dance form with origins from the Cuban Son (circa 1920s) and Afro-Cuban…

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