Charles and Alan

The case situation is concerning the business deal between Charles and Alan. There are 2…


Pat was very frustrated because she wanted to purchase a home but lacked the funds…

Assigment Law

The understanding of different type’s business organisations in Malaysia is the fundamental mean to lead…

Real Estate Contract

In almost every aspect of our life, contracts arise as enforceable agreements between two or…

Percy v Darby

Since the breach of the contract entered into as regards the sale of Darby’s second-hand…

Angela Woodside

Angela Woodside visited our firm on December 18th 2007 and played out her scenario for…

Standard Form Contracts

A standard form contract (sometimes referred to as an adhesion contract or boilerplate contract) is…

Grocery Inc

Grocery Inc. , a retail grocery stores chain based in Any State, U. S. A….

Business law

“Millie contracted to sell Frank 10,000 bushels of corn to be grown on Millie’s farm….

Legal action

Mark is a famous singer from the band Ayer Keroh Cool Kats, he was contracted…

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