The aim of this assignment is to identify three brands of Tablet computers, 1 OFF A Tablet computer can be defined as a mobile personal computer in a single unit with screen sizes 7 inches (18 CM) or larger, measured diagonally Tablets are typically larger than smart phones or personal digital assistants Editors Dictionary. Com, "tablet computer - 1 dictionary result", Dictionary. Mom, retrieved Feb. 28 2014 Hardware Analyses From the table of specifications below it can be seen that the Hardware specifications for the three Tablet computers being compared varies greatly from screen size and solution to CPU (central processing unit) manufacturer and speed. CPU speeds for aforementioned Tablet computers have processor speeds ranging from 1. 30 Ghz to 2. 30 Ghz and screen sizes from 7. 9 inches to 10. 8 inches.

Hardware specification table Software Analyses From the table below you will see the three Tablet computers being compared have completely different Operating Systems which all have their own proprietary software application stores where applications can be downloaded from, the Apple and Microsoft tablets come preloaded with Operating systems designed and built in souse where as for the operating system installed in the Samsung tablet is designed and built by Google.

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Tablet computer Operating system Internet browser Media player Apple pad mini ISO 7 tunes Samsung Galaxy Tabor Android Kit Kate Google Chrome Android media player Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Windows 8. 1 Internet explorer 10 Windows media player Hardware and Software comparison Each tablet has various differences with its hardware and software. Apple pad mini has the smallest screen size 7. 9 inches where as the tablet with the largest screen size of 10. Inches is Microsoft Surface pro 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Tabor has the medium screen size 8. Inches. All three tablets run on different operating systems, Apple ISO 7 SO (operating system) runs on the Apple pad mint, Microsoft Windows 8. 1 SO runs on the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and Android Kit Kate SO runs on the Samsung galaxy Tabor. Each operating system has it's own restrictions, one being the operating systems will not be able to download or install applications from the other SO makers due to the different file formats. One of the main aspects of each tablet is the use of web browsers to access the Internet.

Each tablet comes with a browser provided by the companies who build the operating systems the pad comes with Apple Safari browser, the Samsung comes with Google Chrome browser and the Surface Pro comes with Microsoft internet explorer other web browsers are available for download from the proprietary application store each tablet comes with preinstall. Conclusion What product has the best hardware specifications (from information researched) What product has the best software specifications (from information researched) Overall best seller (quotes and statistics).