They are a lot of different systems packages and software available, suitable for larger and the smaller firms. Many packages are often expensive, I think its is important for TGL to finding a package suitable for the size and structure of the company.

Initially looking at accounting systems which are important to managers in the aspects of planning, control and decision making as it holds information for marketing and sales, and the company's current financial situation that the management need.

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In the past, companies were dependent upon traditional accounting methods (paper based) in order to help them with the financial information they needed. They were often misleading and sometimes unreliable, hence accounting software was developed to get this information Accounting information may helps managers to plan, achieve goals and even focus their attention on specific issues which need to be looked at.

They provide efficient delivery of information needed to perform necessary accounting work and helps deliver informative data to users.

Now looking Human Resource Management (HRM), HRM is needed by firms in order for them to improve the moral of the workforce hence increasing the working efficiency of the firm. We also need to look at Human Resource Management systems which should help them to organise and manage HR, payroll and how employees work. More importantly HRM systems should allow them to reduce costs, save time and improve profitability (Buhler, 2002). HRM systems are typically geared towards managing human resources more efficiently.