This part Includes Information about Prescripts Perfume- Its manual dally transactions Innovated to an easier and efficient way of recording, reviewing and updating their Inventory system. INTRODUCTION Starting from a pharmaceutical-based business, one of the leading perfumeries, Prescripts managed to invade the sense of smell of the local market in a span of six years. However, it is neither owned by a prominent celebrity nor by an established businessman. Instead, Thomas pharmacist Marine Alexandra transformed his equines from its humble beginnings into a multi-million company.

The researchers want to help the Prescripts Pavilion Branch to eliminate paper-and-pen system in recording their inventories. Using manual system is hard to deal with because of Its drawbacks such as consumption of too much time and proneness to errors. Being one of the well known Perfumery, the researchers think that It Is advisable to adapt a advance way In order to cope with their other competitors. Now, the researchers Introduce the automated, computerized Inventory system approach. In present time,

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Enterprises are switching physical function to mental function in a modern world dominated by high technology. Therefore the researchers came up with this study entitled, "Automated Inventory System for Prescripts Perfume, Pavilion Mall Branch. " STATEMENT OF PROBLEM The study aims to develop a computerized processing system in order to minimize disadvantages of using manual approach. 1 . Why switch to an Automated Inventory System? 2. Comparisons of Manual to Automated Inventory System. 3. Effectiveness of Automated Inventory System In recording, reviewing and updating. CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK

The researchers knew that when a purpose and framework are aligned, other aspects or empirical research such us methodological choices or concepts and statistical techniques become simpler to identify. In order to have a better result, the users or the business may follow the diagram I. E. Figure 1. 1 Figure 1. 1 Research Paradigm The figure above will serve as the research paradigm of this study. In Dalton, this will give you an Idea on how It will be process and will benefit the business. The diagram shows the framework of the study wherein the arguments about this study of this program.

SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY Nowadays, we can experience different delays in utilizing the Manual approach system. With that, the researchers want to formulate a convenient system that will be functional to the business. Also, the researchers aim to create a program that will lessen the consumption of too much time and proneness to errors. The researchers came up with an idea of making a program precisely, an Automated Inventory System. The researchers thought that using Automated Inventory System will not be a problem to the business instead it is one of the necessities for the improvement the enterprise.

The Automated Inventory System will also benefit them because the business can save their time in checking the inventories. SCOPE AND DELIMITATION'S The limitation of this study is to tackle all about the use of an automated type of system to monitor the daily inventories of Prescripts Perfumes, Pavilion Branch. Methodology The researchers used Visual Basic 6. 0 in creating the Automated Inventory System for Prescripts Perfume. Planning The researchers decided to create an Automated Inventory System for Prescripts Perfume, since they are currently using Manual Inventory System.

This will serve as a gig help for the owner and employees. They will lessen the task of computing the inventory. Risks Analysis After all the information has been gathered and planned, the researchers determine some of the risks. * Economic risks - most people today take the risk of using Manual System rather than Automated System because of lack of resources like computer. In terms of business, some don't have enough budgets to have an Automated System. * Technology risks - some employees are not capable of understanding the system. Employees are untrained to fix and debug occurring errors. SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT

Being a user-friendly tool in creating dynamic applications for the system, the researchers decided to use Visual Basic 6. 0 as its foundation for developing the system in terms of functionality and design. EVALUATION The researchers conducted surveys and interviews with fifty randomly selected respondents. They were given set of questions to be answered in line with the opinion regarding the implementation of an Automated Inventory System as a replacement of a traditional manual inventory. REVIEW OF RELATED STUDIES In today's growing market many businesses are turning toward automated systems to reform their everyday tasks.

Automated systems can replace the cost and time consuming processes that were once completed by hand while providing companies with more accurate data. One automated system that is becoming more popular is the automated inventory system. This system is used to track the merchandise and goods of retail stores, grocery stores, hardware stores, etc. DATA GATHERING The researchers gathered information by conducting a survey to fifty business retailers. The questions given are uncomplicated and answerable by Yes or No. Question 1: Is manual system trouble-free to use?

In this graph, it shows that out of fifty respondents, 28% of them said that manual system is easy to use and 72% of them said not. Question 2: Do you prefer having an Automated Inventory System? In this graph, it shows that out of fifty respondents, 28% of them prefer having an automated inventory system and 72% of them said not. Question 3: Do you agree that Automated Inventory System will facilitate the checking of inventory/transaction efficiently? In this graph, it shows that out of fifty respondents, 28% of them agree that

Automated Inventory System will facilitate the checking of inventory/transaction efficiently and 72% of them said not. Question 4: Do you think that Automated Inventory System will benefit the entity? In this graph, it shows that out of fifty respondents, 28% of them said that Automated Inventory System will benefit the entity and 72% of them said not. System Requirement Specifications Hardware * Computer * Printer Software * Microsoft Visual Basic 6. 0 * Program Application We observed that the manual system of Prescripts Perfumes, is simple but it is not hat efficient for a dynamic business.