Currently they have no heads In their Association but an OIC (Over-all In Charge). Their office is located at Phase 2, besides the Ohio's chapel. Every month they collect "but' or monthly dues worth IPPP to 192(as of 2013) residential owners of Cerise 3. This monthly dues are allocated for the Ohio's maintenance of Light Posts, Street sweeping, Basketball courts, playground, etc. Problems Encountered : Cerise 3 homeowners Association handles over 200 residential owners. This population grows in a span of time. Cerise 3 has more than 20 streets. Those streets eve 20 or more residential houses.

With this it is hard for them to monitor each residential owner with their monthly dues payment. What Is their monitoring? They have an old metal drawler. Each drawer contains a thick clear book. Each collarbone Is assigned too Street. Each page of this collarbone contains 1 residential owner with their monthly paid dues, either installment or full payment. And it has a duplicate paper. In short, they manually monitor, invent and audit the payment of their residential owners. Because of these It is hard for them to monitor each of it exulting to unpaid monthly dues.

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It happens because residential owners are not aware of their dues because the COCOA do not have inventor thus, resulting to deficit budget for maintenance. Project Introduction: Cerise 3 Homeowners Association Inventory System or Call System Is an application that will lessen the burden of the COCOA in terms of their inventory. It is a database of the residential owners of the socio, their address, information and their payment and monthly dues. Then a GUI that will allow you to select a specific person, heck paid account, or let you show the whole database.

It can also alert and remind you about the unpaid monthly dues of some of the owners. If ever there will be a new residential owner, Call will register it via registration. This system can only be accessed by the Associations OIC or secretary. This is not open to residential owners to seek. Its only purpose Is to easily monitor the Associations monthly dues. 2. Proposed Title: 1 OFF medicine-outs of Lateran-Clammy medical and dental Clinic Client: Medical and dental Clinic of Lateran-Clammy Client Background:

Every school has a medical and dental clinic. They provide services for the students who feels ill or injured, etc. They also provide medical consultation or referrals as necessary. Lateran-Calabash medical clinic uses manual process in record-keeping. For example, a student needs a medicine. The student has to write his/her complaint and then the medicine that he/she needs at the record book. Problems Encountered: The Lateran Medical Clinic uses manual process in doing their manual transactions. Many problems are encountered because of this method.

Record- keeping is not consistent because if there are many patients, they're not able to fill up the necessary information. When there are emergencies, they can't get the information right away. Also, the inventory of medicines is not consistent because the patients are not filling it up. Doing illness reports is also a burden because they tally it using the medical logbook. All in all, manual process does a problem and consumes a lot of time thus, doing a system for it will help them a lot in doing their everyday transactions. Project Introduction:

Monitoring and inventory system of Lateran-Clammy medical and dental clinic is a database that will help the Lateran-Calabash medical clinic to monitor the patients who goes in and out of the clinic. It also has a medicine inventory and the list of complaints the patients have. In doing the system, we brainstormed the features that are going to present in the system. First, there would be a log-in page so that the accounts and information would only be limited to the staff of the clinic. Then a page for the patients medication and medicine inventory.

The fields for the first one would e the id number, name, yr/section/course, then the time in, time out, complaint and the medication. On the medicine inventory would be a list of medicines and you can arrange it per month. There will be settings at the logout page that will add a new account but only the adman can use it. 3. Project Proposed Title: A monitoring system of the customer's registry and log-ins in Powerful-Gym - Malady Out, Canalling, Clammy Client: Powerful Gym at Malady Out, Canalling, Clammy Powerful Gyms is a fitness center it is located at Malady Out, Canalling,

Clammy City, Laguna. The owner of this gym is Mike Ransoms he is the only one who manage the entire gym. Each customer who enters the gym need to pay 30 pesos and the others can also pay 350 pesos per month then the payment of the customer is going to write in a logbook with the date when the customers pay and the due date of its payment. The logbook contains the following Name, Date of the Payment, and Due Date of the Payment. Problem Encountered: Mike Ransoms is still using a logbook to record those people who enter in his gym.

It is hard to him to check every data on his log book because almost 30 different needs to make another record. Because of this it is hard to him to check every data that enters in his gym. Project Introduction: Customer Monitoring System of the Powerful Gym in Malady Out, Canalling - Clammy is a system that will record all customers that will go to pay monthly. To lessen the Job of Mr.. Mike we will make an ID for the customer who paid monthly with a serial number. The system will Just need to query the customer ID serial number to Justify if the customer is still paid.