Introduction In today's generation, internet usage is very epidemic. It's like a disease that makes a person spend their time, money and effort. Others use it for school purposes, others for pastime. Some even use the internet to do business. Moreover, people would use it to connect to their loved ones who are away from them. Whatever one's reason to use the internet, it also matters to know their means. In our country, not everyone can afford their own PC's and connection. However, one business-minded person thought of creating a way to access internet in a cheaper and convenient way.

So that's the time when internet cafes came in. And because of the community demand for cheap internet usage, internet cafes sprung from then on. 1. 1 Background of the Study Deeds cafe is an internet cafe that is located at Zone 2, Bang Ton, Tallish City, Negroes Occidental. It started operating since June 6, 2012. The shop is owned by Daisy M. Donned and managed by his son, Cantle Ere M. Donned. It consists of 13 units of computer, 3 employees. It is also ventilated with 1 air-condition and it operates for 12 hours during Mondays to Sundays. 1. 2 Statement of Objectives

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The purpose of this study is to determine how an internet cafe handles their business using the Billing System. We would also want to determine how the internet cafe business on the internet rental, how much to bill clients and their daily, weekly and monthly income. An internet cafe or cybercafé is a place which provides internet access to the public, usually for a fee. The fee for using a computer is usually charged as a time- based rate. 1. 2. 1 General Objectives Cantle Ere M. Donned decided to use the billing system for their business so that hey can easily track the customers when they log in and log out.

Also it helps them to easily cash out and calculate their income daily, weekly and monthly. 1. 2. 2 Specific Objectives To deepen our understanding about businesses using the Billing System To be educated on how a business use the Billing System to easily cash out and calculate their income To provide easy access for reports Promote the usage of the Billing System to their employees and to others alike To avoid wasting time doing the manual listing for log in and log out of accounts.