The solution was then cooled under a tap water. Followed by adding 0. 48 g of sodium nitrite to the solution and the solution was stirred until the sodium nitrite dissolved. Then, the solution was poured into a 250 ml beaker that contained 7. 5 g of ice and 1. 3 ml of concentrated hydrochloric acid in where a white- orange fine-powdered precipitate was formed. 1. 0 ml of N,N-dimensionality and 1. ml of glacial acetic acid was mixed in a test tube. The solution of N,N-dimensionality acetate with stirring was added to the suspension of digitized sulfanilamide acid. The est. tube was rinsed with a small amount of water which was then added to the beaker. The solution was thoroughly and a red paste was separated from the rest of the solution in about 5 minutes. 10 ml of a 10% aqueous sodium hydroxide was added to the solution to create the orange sodium salt. The mixture was stirred and heated to its boiling point.

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The sudden increase in temperature in hot plate instead of gradual increase causes the product to decompose and color of the product has become brown instead of orange. The chromosome in methyl orange was the nitrogen to nitrogen double bond found in the structure. The diagonals salt formation was first reaction which was carried out in order to make the sulfanilamide acid more soluble and more reactive. The sulfanilamide acid was depredation by sodium carbonate, which was an aqueous solution that dissolve in water.

Sodium nitrite then reacted with hydrogen chloride to make nitrous acid, which was propionate by sulfanilamide acid. Nitrous acid split into water and a positively charged nitric oxide that was then attacked by the necrophilia nitrogen on sulfanilamide acid. Water then deprecated the formed molecule, and it audiometer to form a pi-bond between the two nitrogen in the molecule. The molecule was propionate by hydrogen chloride, leading to the separation of water and the diagonals ion. This forms the target product methyl orange. Conclusion 1 .