Prevalent Symbols in Brave New World and V for Vendetta Symbols are a prevalent technique used in the art of literature and movie making. Both Brave New World by Aldous Huxley and V for Vendetta directed by James McTeague use the symbolism to show their attention to detail and to add importance to the their work. For example, Soma is an intense drug used by the characters symbolizes immediate gratification throughout the novel.

In a different media, V for Vendetta, the use of the letter "V" is a reoccurring symbol throughout the entire movie and is often over looked at first glance. Both uses of symbolism add detail and interest to the work. Although these two works are different medias, both use the same technique to enhance their work. The symbol of the "V" in the movie is obvious in certain scenes of the movie, but what people don't understand is that there is more to the "V" than just the visual representing the main character and has other meaning to it.

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In Brave New World the symbol of soma is not a physical symbol, but is more of a general idea of immediate gratification not necessarily the drug itself. The letter “V” is the most obvious symbol in the movie V for Vendetta, but at the same time there are many uses of the letter “V” that are hard to see and must be watched for carefully. At the start of the film when Evey is getting harassed in the streets and V comes to the rescue, she insists on knowing who he is and how to address him.

Once she asked him several times for his name he preceded with a 48-word monologue with every single word in that monologue beginning with the letter “V” (“V for Vendetta (film)”). This monologue emphasizes his identity and how the letter “V” represents him as well. Not only does the letter “V” come through as a prevalent symbol, the letter “V” represents the number five which is much more difficult of a symbol to find unless looking carefully. Evey; the main femal character, has symbolism in her name that is often over looked. E” is the fifth letter of the alphabet, “V” is the Roman numeral letter for five, and “Y” is the 25th letter of the alphabet. Although this symbolism doesn’t seem important, it adds a great amount of detail to the movie that shows the director’s skills. A third example of the use of the symbol “V” is at the final battle scene in the train station at the end of the movie. Walking into the train station, V confronts Creedy and his agents. He has six daggers at the ready, before throwing tow of them he forms a “V” with the two right before throwing them.

He has six daggers but only uses five and once he takes down all of Creedy’s men, Creedy proceeds to shoot V in the chest five times (“V for Vendetta (film)”). This scene is packed with symbolism that is often overlooked due to the action occurring throughout the scene. Once one notices the symbolism of the letter “V” and the number five throughout the film it really enhances the director’s ideas and makes the viewer pay more attention and therefore enjoy the film more.

In Brave New World the use of the drug soma symbolizes immediate gratification and to keep everyone happy and easy to manage in society. This drug is not just used for recreation purposed but also used in times for religion, manage unhappiness, and for having sex. The orgy porgy in the beginning of the book is a religious and sexual example of the use of soma. Before the orgy starts, all the participants pass around the soma ice cream and then have sex with who ever is next to them. Because of the effects of soma, the drug keeps everyone happy and emphasizes that everyone belongs to everyone.

As the story develops, Lenina and Bernard take the soma during a date to ensure that nothing gets too personal and sex at the end of the date is just sex with no emotion behind it. Finally, when Lenina goes to the Indian reservation towards the end of the book and she is observing the Indian ritual she becomes very disturbed. The ritual of becoming a man on this reservation consisted of the adolescent being whipped many times without showing pain. While Lenina was observing this, she became uncomfortable and could not take the harshness of the reservation.

Taking soma, Lenina finds herself being taken away from reality, thus the symbol of immediate gratification. She goes into a soma holiday and is gone for hours to take her away from an unhappy situation. V for Vendetta and Brave New World are perfect examples of two different uses of symbolism to enhance the work of art. The ways that McTeague incorporates the symbol “V” or the letter five throughout the movie is incredibly well done and has such a strong impact on the viewer’s attention of detail.

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