The three proposed strategic actions would provide certain benefits to Pinafores in its aim to minimize lead times in the supply chain network. The team-based approach of all partners wherein information sharing is prevalent and everyone is pursuing the primary aim of customer satisfaction would lessen raw and finished good inventories because everyone would only produce goods that are dictated by the company's general plan and based on what the customers require.

Conceptualizing a plan based on the feedback system would enable the company to identify the types of products that are frequently needed by the customers in UK so that they can develop plans to produce these products and be able to disseminate the plans to all the partners especially to those who handle procurement of raw materials. There will also be efficient use of warehouse space since all the products that would be stored are needed by the market, thus, replenishment becomes consistent and waste is minimized.

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Furthermore, lead times would be minimized consistently monitor each other's performance and output so as to make the accessory adjustment if a defect is detected. If all partners work collaboratively, all the activities are scrutinized, defective actions would be identified and immediate solution cold be provided to ensure that ultimate objectives are still fulfilled. Lesser lead times will ensure real-time delivery because time is maximized and the entire supply chain process is shortened.

Finally, Pianoforte's team-based approach and emphasis on coordination would make the company more responsive to changing circumstances. Some of these circumstances are need of consumers to consistently improve their living condition through home improvements which entail increased demand for timber products and adverse effects on product demands by the different seasons in Europe. In light of the increased need for home improvement, Pinafores would be able to know this because of the feedback system that it implements.

Thus, the company can readily determine the volume of products that should be produced over a specified period of time to cover consumer needs. In relation to the changing seasons of the locale, the company has a team-based approach to its supply chain network. This means that each partner contributes to the knowledge base and decision-making processes. Hence, each partner has the freedom to express the difficulties that they encounter in every season so that the entire team can plan the adjustments that should be made.

For example, the transportation partner can verbalize that they cannot transport logs during winter because of heavy snow or the harvesting people cannot cut more trees during rainy seasons. Accordingly, the entire team can conceptualize plans like doubling the volume of logs before rainy seasons and more production before winter so that arouses can have sufficient stocks for consumer's demands during the entire winter season even if no transportation of logs can be facilitated.