Be sure to use Brightly K together with this fertilizer series for potassium supplementation which always falls short In the ann., unlike nitrogen and phosphorus. Here is recommended fertilizers based on the age of the aquarium. We will take a closer look at each item, next week: After setup 3rd month Green Brightly STEPS + Brightly K 3rd month - 1 year Green Brightly STEPS + Brightly K After 1 year Green Brightly STEPS To check out DAD liquid fertilizer lineup, please visit our official website: http:// www. Danna. Co. P/en/products/an_liquid/green_brightly/ [New Release] Aqua Journal Volvo. 222 is released TODAY! "Let's Start with A! " We dedicate this month's featuring article to the Nature Aquarium beginners. The article provides the most basic knowledge and skills in Nature Aquarium, that the beginners want to know before putting their hands in a tank. Spring is a good season to start a Nature Aquarium layout. If you're debating whether to start making your first planted aquarium, why don't you start it in this spring! Varieties of aquarium products are available in the market.

And, growing healthy aquatic plants is never too difficult if you have a decent aquarium system. Inside the planted aquarium, a school of fish swimming through a bush of plants kooks much livelier than the ones kept In a fish tank without plants! [Product] The basics of supplying nutrients to your planted aquarium (Part 2) Part 2. Optimal use of Liquid Fertilizer for Each Aquarium Condition Nutrients required for aquatic plants vary with the condition of the aquarium Including the growth stage of aquatic plants.

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In order for aquariums to use the optimal liquid fertilizer for the condition of the aquarium, DAD offers several types of liquid fertilizer Including Brightly K designed for potassium supply and the Green Brightly STEP series for supplementing trace elements. Each of STEP 1 to 3 has different levels of iron and trace elements and potassium is and develop leaves and stems to grow. To achieve this, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements including magnesium and manganese are essential. In particular, lack of each trace element may result in curled buds or twisted leaves due to poor growth.

To avoid these problems, it is ideal to supply each type of trace element in good balance during the new bud stage, I. E. , from the initial stage up to the third month. Green Brightly STEP 1 is the optimal liquid fertilizer for this stage. Meanwhile in the plant growth stage when the aquatic plants grow vigorously and develop many leaves (3 months up to 1 year after the aquarium setup), the aquatic plants need to form plentiful photosynthetic pigments and also other pigments to regulate the progress of photosynthesis.

To achieve this, a large amount of iron is especially required. Once the pigments are actively formed as a result of iron supply, the aquatic plants display a strong green color and, at the same time, the color of red stemmed plants is enhanced in the bright area which has abundant light. During this tag, application of Green Brightly STEP 2 is ideal. Later on, the growth of aquatic plants will become less vigorous and the stemmed plants that have gone through repeated trimming will be around one year old after planting.

An effective way to slow down the aging of aquatic plants is to supply an increased amount of potassium. This is the reason why potassium is added to Green Brightly STEP 3 which is the most suitable fertilizer at this stage. To check out DAD liquid fertilizer lineup, please visit our official website: http://www. Danna. Co. ]p/en/ products/an_liquid/green_brightly/ Product] The basics of supplying nutrients to your planted aquarium (Part 3) Part 3.

Liquid Fertilizer Designed for Special Environment The Green Brightly STEP series is a liquid fertilizer containing trace elements as a major ingredient (STEP 3 contains additional potassium) with no nitrogen and phosphorus. Since these two elements are always supplied from fish faces and unconsumed fish foods, the aquariums with fish usually do not face a lack of nitrogen and phosphorus, but rather are at risk of an excess of these elements, which can result in algae infestation. Then, what about the aquarium with no fish or extremely few fish compared to the number of aquatic plants?

In this special kind of environment, even nitrogen and phosphorus may fall short. If Power Sand and Aqua Soil are laid on the substrate, an adequate amount of nutrients is supplied from the substrate from the initial stage, but the nutrients from the substrate cannot be expected where the substrate is made up of only sand. When Rica and stemmed plants grow slowly or show poor leaf color in this type of special environment even with application of Brightly K and Green Brightly STEP series, lack of nitrogen and phosphorus can be suspected.

For the layout using many sun plants that absorb nutrients vigorously such as Rica and stemmed plants, Green Brightly Special LIGHTS containing more nitrogen and phosphorus ingredients is an ideal fertilizer. Designed for Nubian and ferns which absorbs nutrients slowly. Green Brightly Special SHADE also contains nitrogen and phosphorus but to a lesser degree than LIGHTS. Instead, the amount of potassium is increased to promote the growth of aquatic plant roots. For Nubian and ferns which are epiphytic aquatic plants, the ole of the roots is very important in terms of absorption of nutrients and anchorage of the body.

For this type of plant, the supply of potassium is highly effective. In any of these cases, the key point is to add the nutrients gradually while observing the condition of the aquarium because any excess of nitrogen and phosphorus may cause algae infestation. In particular, filamentous algae are very responsive to the amount of these elements. If heavy infestation of this species of algae is observed, it is advisable to change the tank water immediately and switch the fertilizer to Brightly K and Green Brightly STEP series. Www. Dana. Co. ]p/en/products/an_liquid/green_brightly/ [Product] The basics of supplying nutrients to your planted aquarium (Part 4) Part 4. Using Appropriate Type of Additive In Nature Aquarium, varieties of additives for growing aquatic plants are produced according to the growth of the plants and condition of the aquarium. This is why a wide lineup of additives is available under the Nature Aquarium Goods brand. Using an appropriate additive will lead to successful maintenance of your planted aquarium. Additional fertilizer for roots

Echinoderms and Cryptology grow thick roots within the substrate and absorb nutrients vigorously via their roots. For this type of plant, additional nutrient supplement by means of solid fertilizers, such as Multi Bottom and Iron Bottom, is very effective. These solid root fertilizers are rich in trace elements, and Iron Bottom in particularly is a good source of iron. Echinoderms especially requires careful attention because new leaves that develop from within the inner side of the plant will lose their color when nutrients are lacking. Post-trimming care

If the terminal bud is cut off, the aquatic plant suffers serious damage because the terminal bud is the part of the plant that grows vigorously and produces plant hormones. Green Gain should be added daily to the aquarium after trimming until new leaves develop on the plants. This additive contains plant hormone and promotes the development of new leaves. As a post-trimming care, it's also recommended to perform night time aeration to stimulate the activity of microorganisms and change the water in the aquarium frequently until new leaves develop.