Any monetary transaction that is conducted via a mobile telecommunications network is refer as mobile commerce (M-Commerce). Nowadays, mobility has forced M-commerce to be a trend. Since M-Commerce provides customers with the ability to buy products by using mobile devices, therefore, M-Commerce is definitely different from overall mobility and mobile application. From the content, it contains four arts which talk about applications, benefits, limiting factors, and challenges of M- Commerce.

Entertainment, mobile ticketing, location based services, inventory tracking and dispatching, mobile banking, health care, traffic, commerce, and Enterprise Resource Planning () are applications of M-Commerce. M-Commerce has provided convenient, increased efficiency, decreased transaction cost, provided flexible accessibility, brought simplified business processes, made spontaneous decision, provided location and time independent, provided wider reach, and reduced IT training.

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These are all the benefit of M-Commerce bring to the users. Although M-Commerce brings a lot of benefits, some factors have became limitation for further usage of M-Commerce in our daily life. Lack of standards, weak processors, memory limitation, small screens, poor resolutions, graphics limitation, cost of establishing mobile and wireless broadband, bandwidth limitation and so on re some common limitation of M-Commerce which should find some ways to solve It.

Besides, there are challenges like lacking of awareness, facing security problems, lacking of simple and standardize payment mechanism, distorting between service providers and network operators, diversifying atmosphere, and so on which may suffer a lot by M-Commerce users. In the nutshell, M-Commerce benefit society a lot through providing business owners the opportunity to connect with their customer at anytime, anywhere.