After researching a clothes Iron on "All my life" and then researching a few more of the items on eBay I was very much surprised to see the difference in the descriptions of both items. In the All my life description of the item the seller made sure to use a subjective description. She gave details about the product and explained where the product had come from and how it had been made. At first I believed this to be a combination of both subjective and objective. She did try to explain why she didn't want to buy the used Iron due to its origination but as I re read the article subjective impede out at me.

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The article was very detailed and it did return back to her personal view of the product itself. I found numerous similar products on eBay and decided on the description which I saw as objective. The seller was very short in the description of the product and let it be known that the objective of the ad was to sale the item at hand. There was no history about the product or any personal experiences with the product stated in the description. At the end of the description the seller added "please contact me via e- ail with any questions or concerns" This also was an example of an objective rather than subjective.

Both parties did include a clear photograph of the item they were trying to sell. "All my life" had their photograph placed next to a very detailed paragraph with legible font. EBay displayed the photograph and then left a link to clink on for the description of the product. Both articles were legible and easy to assess. I believe the audience that would be most attracted to the ads on all my life and eBay would be both women and men that required an iron for the clothing they assessed.

I feel they would be searching for a product such as these especially if owning clothing entailed an iron to up keep them. Even though the price of the product for all my life was exceptionally lower than the product displayed on eBay, I would personally choose eBay as the seller. All my life's description made the product out to be a negative investment right out of the gate. In closing all my life made a subjective description. EBay made an objective description. In this case the objective description made the sale.