The novel “Story of the Eye” by Georges Bataille is outrageous and beyond the pale in my opinion. It crosses all the lines of decency until there is no line at all left. There is a lot of anti-social behavior in several instances throughout the book. Exhibitionism refers to the urge to expose ones private parts such as breasts and genitals. In this book such things are common. The narrator and his lover Simon copulate in the beach in full view of the public and their acquaintance Marcelle. Additionally, the two have sex regularly in full view of Simone’s mother too. Regardless of religious or cultural practices, it is a social norm for children to have decency in front of their parents. But this is not the case in this novel (Georges 44).

One could argue as well that the main characters are under age. They are said to be adolescents which is anything between the age of thirteen and nineteen. It is appalling that at such a tender age they could be involved in such sexual activities. In fact, Simone and the narrator, both teenagers, had an orgy with fellow teenagers. There are a lot of unacceptable sexual perversions as well. Simone, in more than one instance inserted objects in her vagina to derive sexual pleasure. They include boiled eggs, eyeballs of dead humans and all manner of disturbing items (Georges 34).

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Religious insensitivity is also featured in this novel. In the part where Simone fellates the young catholic priest in the church, we clearly witness this. Sir Edmund also makes a mockery of the Catholic Eucharist in the same scene. Based on these points, the book is just unacceptable.