briefly describe Eric calhoune
big guy, swimmer, people call him Moby, 17 years old in high school
what's Eric's nickname
Moby he can hold his breath for a very long time when he swims
what does Eric know about his father?
he is a college professor somewhere
big fat large guy
according to Sarah, how was she scarred?
she spilled pot of spaghetti on her face when she was younger
why is Sarah in the hospital now?
she is catatonic, completely unresponsive
what happened when dale Thornton bullied Sarah Byrne's?
Sarah fought back got punched in the face multiple times
what is "crispy pork rinds"
secret newspaper crispy is Sarah, pork is Eric, and rinds is what's left over
how does Eric know ms lemry
she is his swim coach and a English teacher
what is the "Christian cruiser"
pale blue 1973 Pontiac station wagon with things that say bad things about Christianity
describe mark Brittan what do Eric and ellerby find annoying about him
member of swim team, a christens has very strong beliefs on god and opinions
how do Eric and ellerby gang up against mark at swim practice ?
bug mark praying's for god to swim the laps for him because he's so religious
why does Sam want to know about Sarah's father? why does Eric think Sarah's father is mean?
who he is, thinks her father did something to her face
who is dale Thornton? d
bullies Eric and Sarah by calling her Scarface and by calling Eric fat all the time
Ch. 4
how did Sarah try to protect Eric from dale
put Eric in a box saying it was a science fair project and that it was fragile in or to trick dale in thinking it wasn't Eric
why did dale beat up Eric?
Eric wrote a mean article in the paper about dale
Ch. 5&6
why did Eric and Sarah ask dale to be on the "crispy pork rinds" staff?
he would protect them,
what did dale get out of being on "crispy pork rinds"
dale wasn't made fun of anymore
what are two reasons Eric liked CAT class?
Judy his "love" was in the class
he liked the class, and had one teacher in the class who actually respected him
briefly summarize ellerbys beliefs about religion
that god sees everything "from a distance" and explains why bad things can happen to good people, he is always questioning god
what do you learn about ellerbys brother
he died in college trying to become a priest
why did dale and Sarah argue about her spaghetti story
dale was beginning to think she was faking and it wasn't ever true
why did Eric eat more than usual the first year on the swim team
he was afraid Sarah and him wouldn't be friends anymore because he wouldn't be fat anymore
why did eric go to see dale after such a long time?
to find out the answers to Sarah Byrne's burns from the story were actually true
who asked to drop ms lemrys class and what was her response to Brittan
she said yes to Brittan but no to Jody because she thought Jody was just dropping it so she would still be in the class with Brittan
what note did Jody pass to Eric?
asked for his phone number says 1-800-fat boy doesn't have enough digits to be a real phone # please advise..
what did Sarah tell dale about her father
her dad pushed her face into a burning wood stove
how did dale stop Sarah from killing herself
he talked her out of it
what topic did ms lemry raise for discussion
opinions on the topic of abortion
what did Jody propose to Eric after class?
to go get a burger with her after swim practice
why do you think Sarah has decided to talk again?
to stay away from her dad at home and be safe
what were the real things that made Sarah get her burns
her parents were fighting and he dad tried to kill her mom and her dad grabbed Sarah and put her face on the wood burning stove
what personal details did Jody share with Eric
that Jody had a abortion, and mark is actually a terrible and she hates him
sincere and honest
first one
relating the sense of smell
situation w "bad" choices
not working the right way
emotionally unstable
to support or follow something
can not miss
immoral/ dishonesty
not give up
causiously alert for problems
trance like state
secret or concealed