After almost 2 and a half years of work experience as a software developer at axis, a firm that enables organizations to optimize performance and increase efficiency by managing knowledge, information & processes with intelligent computing solutions, I want to return to academics. And from the various range of courses available, postgraduate studies in Information Technology Solution(Database Development Profile) at Hummer College matches my requirements in most of the areas as I want to enhance my knowledge in Databases. After graduating from FRR. Conceit Rodriguez College of Engineering, Iambi

University, the very first thing in my mind was to go for higher studies and the most obvious option was Masters in Computer Science from USA. I started preparing for entrance exams I. E. GREG and TOEFL, Just after my graduation was completed but my score was not good enough to get into Universities I would have liked too, so I gave a thought of skipping application for the current year and give it a go in next year or so, by reappearing for entrance exams. A year for next fall application was a long period; therefore I opted for DOT NET Certification which I thought may help me for my

Masters. The institute I chose was TATS Infinite Pat Ltd, as their teaching staff was very well known for the quality of knowledge they had in the their respective subjects and the institute was also providing Microsoft Certificates after successful course completion with a project at the end of course. Soon after course completion I was placed in axis Company through TATS. I felt I should gain some practical experience working in IT industry to gain first-hand knowledge of what the life of a software developer entails.

I have loved every minute of my work; especially the opportunity to articulate in cutting-edge projects and discuss ideas with seniors in the company. I soon realized that, although I enjoy handling the complex coding and processing the application, I am not going to be satisfied with carrying out only routine procedures of coding. I want to lead a team and direct the course of the project, along with the team members. My senior colleagues have encouraged my ambition and felt that I have the potential for Post graduate studies.

Working on Windows Application using C sharp which is one of the best languages for its fast implementation and developer friendly structure has been a great experience, but I was always keener on working with databases which also is part of my work. I have grown peculiar interest in building queries and to handle the complexity in building the same, though it is a tough task but it also is quite interesting, as it also fulfills my penchant for puzzle solving in some way or the other. After securing good score in entrance exam, I was able to get admission in the premier educational institutes in India, FRR.

Conceit Rodriguez College of Engineering, Mutual Tort a degree program, Bachelors In Engineering In computers. This is a 4 year degree program which consisted of coursework spread in 8 semesters and a Project in the 7th and 8th semesters. The degree program helped me build a solid foundation in Computer applications as I studied courses like Data Structures, Theoretical Computer Science, Computer Networks, Operating System, Database Management System, Microprocessor Architecture 8085 and Artificial Intelligence.

Some of the best professors taught me programming languages like C, C++, Java, and also subjects like Software Engineering, Management Information System and Advance Modeling Techniques which are helpful in initial designing and analysis of a project. During the course of the B. E program, I did a project on "Wavelet based watermarking for Bio-metric data". This application is designed for airline passenger authentication using his/her passport photograph. The project uses DOT (Discrete Wavelet Transform) algorithm.

The DOT algorithm is used to encode and decode biometric data collected in the form of fingerprints, face images, retina scan etc. In this application fingerprint image of passport holder is encoded and embedded in the passport photograph. The technique used is LSI (Least Significant Bit) insertion. This allows storage of information in a photograph without affecting the image data. The fingerprint image can be retrieved by decoding. It is then checked against the database by the airport authorities for passenger authentication.

During my tenure at axis, I have contributed significantly to the design, development and maintenance of Fitness, Prosecution, Tax Notice, Professional Tax Notice, Permit Application, Fees CashBook, Tax CashBook & Over Dimension Consignment for ROOT of which few of them have been running successfully all over the state of Masthead of India, whereas others are mainly build for major Root's in cities, like Thane and Iambi. Some of the longest and biggest projects I undertook under axis were namely Food Court, Permit, Fitness, Prosecution and several minor projects.

Also, I have built couple of projects named Data Formatting, Database Comparison and Export Data for axis. One of the major projects, the Permit Application has many advantages over the previously running application in ROOT, for issuing permits to Auto- Rickshaws. In previous application it was easy to forge a person identity to obtain a Permit by his name. Whereas our application authenticates the user with the help of Biometric data like face image and thumb print, which almost minimizes the chances of issuing permit to a wrong person.

The project consists of five modules, creating new permit, renewal of permits, change owner, replace vehicle and duplicate permit. Out of which I worked on new permit module and duplicate permit. It took us five months to build this application rite from database level to front end designing and coding and also the rigorous testing of the same. The framework and language used for the reject was DOT NET with C# for front end coding and SIRS for printing Permit Certificate and other reports. Other than the ROOT projects, I also worked on Food Court, an application for Spice of Elite (Appearance Groups).

Descending court, It Is an touch screen application working successfully in Spice of Life, a Food mall in a centre of IT hub, Windward(Pun). The idea of the application was to cut down manual transaction in the form of hard cash, so prepaid smart card was provided to customers, which also guaranteed handling of large number of customers at peak hours with the ease of seer friendly and quick touch screen POS machines for placing orders. The Customer details taken at the time of smart card distribution, is also being used to forward promotional events.

The main advantage includes generating reports at quick time with flexibility in choosing the type of report required by user. The framework and language we used in the project was DOT NET with C# and MS SQL Server 2005 as backbend. The highlight points in the project were handling card reader, thermal printer, cash drawer and pole display through C#. I sincerely believe that the new world is all about being able to synthesize different hints, being able to adjust, be creative and have a diverse knowledge base.

Apart from focusing on my studies, I like to travel with friends and family at exotic locations. Also I hope that someday, I can use my IT knowledge to do something good for Mother Nature. I have organized outdoor events as I like to plan and co-ordinate. My friends and peers respect my decisions and my ability. I am huge sports fan and an advent follower of Apples, Olympics, PILL and tennis. I specifically love watching English Premier League and my favorite team is Manchester United. I enjoy playing sports eke Soccer, Cricket, Badminton and Table Tennis.

I have also played various sports at inter school and inter collegiate levels. I have been accepted in Hummer Institute of Technology ; Advanced Learning, Toronto, Ontario Canada as a full time student to study Post Graduate in Information Technology System (Database Development Profile) for fall intake 2013. The course provides its students a sound combination of Database principles and Internet Programming theory. To be a successful IT professional, I need to be technically sound in Front end as well as back end. This course will prepare me well for the new IT world.

I am more than delighted to obtain this great opportunity to study in one of the most reputed college in Canada. I am very much excited to have the opportunity to study in the world's second largest country and most highly developed country like Canada. It has been over 8 years since Gauge 2005, and I am convinced that I made the right choice by choosing this career path. My Journey as a student of Information Systems has not ended yet and my thirst for knowledge and desire to learn more has convinced me to pursue further, post graduate studies. Thanks Panky Mahogany.