Star Wars. Characters: Lieutenant Corran Horn: The main character of the book.

Hes an ex-security man (a police force called CorSec) from the planet
Corellia. Finally after going through the galaxy under aliases he joins Rogue
Squadron to fight the Empire. He fights for freedom, but his main vendetta is
more personal. He went into CorSec because his father did before him. An
Imperial Intelligence Officer was also stationed there that had authority over
that CorSec office. When he and his father were in a cantina in Corellia, his
father was shot and killed before his very eyes. Corran hunted the murderers
down and apprehended them. However the Imperial Intelligence Officer in charge,
Kirtan Loor, freed them. Since then Corran had no respect for the Empire. He is
the best pilot in the squadron, except for Wedge Antilles and Tycho Celchu. He
proves to be resourceful and an excellent fighter pilot. Hes got a
resourceful R2 droid, nicknamed Whistler, too. Commander Wedge Antilles: The
leader of Rogue Squadron. He formed the squadron with Luke Skywalker after the
first Death Star was destroyed, since he and Luke were the only X-wing pilots
left after the battle. He proves to be a strong leader knowing how to treat his
squadron. Since Rogue Squadron is known to be a threat to the Empire so he has
to train his pilots to be the very best. Hes highly charismic. Sometimes has
a rough time with a few of his superiors. He is the best pilot in the squadron.

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He has survived countless battles and entanglements with Imperial ships and
fighters. He had to reform the squadron because only 4 of the original pilots
remained since Luke and Wedge formed the squadron. Luke went to start reforming
the Jedi. The other two went to go train other squadrons. Wedge is now faced
with the problem of liberating Coruscant. He forges a commando-undercover type
operation to infiltrate and liberate Coruscant. Ysanne Isard, Director of
Imperial Intelligence: She controls whats left of the Empire. Some Admirals
proclaimed themselves warlords and took their local planets. Isard has all the
rest. She rests upon Coruscant, Imperial Center. A planet that is purely made up
of a city. Her nickname is Iceheart because one of her eyes is icy blue and the
other is molten red. She got her position as head of Intelligence by turning her
own father in as a rebel sympathizer. Rumor had that she was a mistress to
Emperor Palpatine. She is ruthless and unforgiving. She has a plan that will
hopefully bring down Rogue Squadron and the rest of the Rebel Alliances New
Republic. Her plans now are to let the capital of the Empire, Coruscant, fall to
the New Republic. The catch is though she will unleash a virus that only effects
non-humans. This will weaken the trust of humans and non-humans, hurting the New
Republic. Also the virus can be cured by a substance known as bacta, but only in
large quantities. This will greatly cause economic and social stress for the
price of bacta is high and is only manufactured on a certain planet. Kirtan Loor,
Intelligence Agent: The bad guy who has a vendetta against Corran Horn. Hes
smart and witty but his ego about his smarts is a weak point and that makes him
turn out to be stupid. Isards number one agent. He helps prepare the virus
and makes sure Rogue Squadron does not liberate until the production of the
virus is complete. He also has a spy in the squadron that is feeding him info to
help retard the capturing the planet. The identity of the spy is not known.

Settings: Mostly takes place on Coruscant, which is like a planet that is almost
entirely a city. Slums, and more high-class buildings are within the scenery.

Plot: Now that the New Republic has liberated Borleias, a planet very close to
Coruscant, they aim to somehow liberate it. They go through plans and ideas of
trying to take it. They come up with a plan that will cause the least bloodshed.

They make Rogue Squadron go as a in undercover to somehow find a plan to take
down Coruscants planetary shields. After the shields are down the New
Republic Fleet will invade and liberate the planet. The catch is though Isard
wants the New Republic to take over the planet. She is secretly making a virus
that slowly kills non-human races experience every single type of pain before
they finally turn into a pile of bones and rotted flesh. Will the New Republic
liberate Coruscant before Isard can unleash the cesspool virus? Authors
Style: His style was a point of view type. He switched from different points of
view from around 3 or 4 characters. The vocabulary was not very artistic, but it
was an action book so his words clearly put a fighting scene in my head and how
every move was. Theme and significance of title: The title represented an elite
fighter pilot squadron and thats what it was. It was a great
action-adventure, sci-fi book.