Stanford University to offer a course on Crypto Currency

This September, the Stanford University School of Engineering located in Stanford, California is going to offer the students a new course on the need for advanced engineering in order to ensure privacy and protection of digital assets.

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The course is called Crypto Currencies: Bitcoin and Friends and the code is CS251. The course will run from 21st of September 2015 to 9th of December 2015.

Dan Boneh who is a professor in Computer Science and an expert in applied cryptography will be teaching this course. He is also the co- director of the Stanford Computer Security Laboratory and took part in 2015 White House Summit on Cyber security and Consumer Protection. He believes that virtual currency has the ability to evolve business payment transactions.

He stated, “The technology behind bitcoin and other crypto currencies can be indispensable tool for protecting information.”

Students who are enrolled in Stanford’s Cyber Security Graduate Certificate will be able to take this course.

Boneh further stated, “Stanford is actively working to address the world’s cyber security challenges. It’s an exciting time to study with us and gain vital skills needed for today’s cyber workforce.”

The course will be covering the technical aspects of engineering secure software, system interactions with crypto currencies, and distributed consensus for reliability.

The topics that will be taught in class are altcoins, bitcoin transactions, consensus protocols, crypto currency, elliptic curves, hash functions, mining strategies and incentives, proposed bitcoin regulations, zerocoin and zerocash.

There will be a free webinar on Tuesday, 25th of August from 10 am – 11 am Pacific/1-2 pm Eastern to those who are interested to preview the online program. Dan Boneh will talk about the developments that took place recently in crypto currency and computer security.

Other online courses in the cyber security program include:

Computer and Network Security

Introduction to Computer Networking

Introduction to Cryptography

Operating Systems and Systems Programming

Technology and National Security

On spring semester of 2015, Professor Campbell of Fuqua School of Business at Duke University offered a new course on the digital currency called Innovations and Crypto ventures.

The course is recommended for all MBA students, Law students and graduate students. Some other renowned schools have launched block chain, Bitcoin or crypto currency related programs and classes.

NYU and the University of Niscosia are among the other institutes that take courses in Bitcoin.

This course is designed for information security managers, web developers, computer network architects and other professionals those who are working in computer occupations.

The Stanford Center for Professional Development helps professionals enroll in Stanford University courses while they are still working.