Sports organizations may also have some unique characteristics that separate them from other voluntary sector organizations in terms of their very clearly determined role, the disciplinary control over participants and officials, and their need to link and liaise with other organizations such as district leagues, national bodies or even international bodies. Such differences mean that it Is often difficult for any sports voluntary group to remain totally autonomous and Independent except for solely recreational organizations.

As soon as a higher level of competition or performance Is Involved, the body must become very complex (2003). It is essential for a sports organization to have a clearly identified structure probably hierarchical, where each individual has a clearly identified role to play in achieving progress for the organization. This type of structure is perhaps a little dated because it relies on clearly defined levels of management, but it gets things done and means that people are quite clear as to what they are In the organization to do.

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It can be especially useful In spare-time amateur organizations. In essence a highly structured organization can be quite helpful in that it helps clarify and delineate individual roles, and allows people to achieve their tasks within the clear structure. It is vitally important that sports organizations have an open approach to involving everyone who has something to offer to the sport and its participants. An attitude which excludes individuals is most inefficient, ineffective, divisive and damaging, and can create strife within the organization (2003).

The ethos of any sports organization is a key In the sense that the morals, attitudes ND standards it portrays will be carried right into the games hall or sports field, through its organizational structures. The absolutely vital necessity for anyone working in a sports organization or a sports setting is to have a fundamental interest and an empathy with all the other people involved. It is not necessary to be a fanatic, and sometimes It is a distinct disadvantage because fanatics can become blinkered to new Ideas and different ways of doing things.

It Is, however, quite Important that people understand the fanaticism and the love that people have for a sport so that hey can relate to them on a meaningful level. There are many examples of people trying to come into the leisure scene, including sport, and telling others how to operate, while clearly not understanding where the sports volunteer organization or agency is coming from in terms of interest and commitment. This is a recipe for disaster, and has proved extremely unsuccessful In a number of situations and caused a good deal of antagonism and upset wealth organizations ( 2003). The paper will create a sports marketing plan.

This sports marketing plan will include Mission Statement, A market audit & situational analysis, a Justified lyre and err marketing objectives , a Viable marketing strategies and implementation and control systems for the 1st year. After which the other part of the paper will focus on making a PR plan that intends to include General objectives for the campaign, Target market deflation, specific objectives for the separate target markets, Identify types of media promotional literature and lastly an Evaluation plan. The information gathered from such will be used to make a proper conclusion.