Spaces of silence in women's language Silence can mean many things because it is so ambiguous. It can replace speech to show feelings. It can express many different emotions ranging from Joy, happiness, grief, embarrassment to anger, denial, fear, withdrawal of acceptance or love. Traditionally silence nears the absence of voice, but the word silence is metaphorically used for women in the field of Feminist linguistics. This does not literary mean that women are unable to speak or they speak less rather feminists are in the view that women talk too much and they labeled the word "gossip" with omen.

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However, here silence nears the absence of women's voice from high literary culture. Women's voice is absent from most of formal discourses. There is limited space for women in political, social, religious and legal discourse. Women are not by nature silent but they are silenced by the sexism of society as a whole. The silence of women in society Everyone has the right of freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and convey information and ideas without obstruction by public power.

However, in our society the situation is somewhat opposite. In our society though women have equal right to speak, they have also mature articulated systems, they are also cognitively sharp and developed, despite the fact that men and women possess same system, men declared women as secondary object of their possession. In our society women are by birth be silenced. If in our society a baby boy takes birth, the parent celebrates his birth anniversary with great solemnity and gun shoot but if a baby girl takes birth, they not only celebrate with shush and hush even fell disgrace.

When she grows up again discrimination comes, the parent's admit err in government school, while they admit boys in private school because they think that woman is the source of expenditure while man is the source of earning due to this concept she remains silent.. However, when she becomes mature, she has no right to take decision about her future and select her life partner. She selects on the choice of her parent's. If she chooses, her life partner would be considered against her custom. N many cases of arrange marriages , if a man does not like his wife, he can easily say three words and leave but if a woman does not like her husband , she cannot leave him. She has to make every effort to save the relationship. Even working women are not an exception. If they speak out, it often goes against them and they are blamed for everything that goes wrong. It is not only the case or our society but in every society, there are specific occasions and specific places where women are restricted to speak and silenced by culture and society.

In most of societies, it is the part of the culture that women should not speak outside their houses in the presence of men or if they speak loudly in front of men, their speech would be considered abhorrent and objectionable. Even in some societies, women are restricted to utter their husband's names especially in eastern society it is considered a kind of sin. They do not have any option but silently suffer through the relationship.

I Norte, teeny remain silent to come up welt ten expectation AT collect "In language and women place" LIP ,Alaska argued that women are sometime silenced in most perfect way; that is, they are constrained or prohibited from uttering the same words or phrases that men use. But she also argued that women's ideas and intentions can't always be fully realized because they are not given the same kind of weight that en's ideas and intentions are , and women get silenced in this way too. There silencing is arising from their disembowelment and subordination to men.

Silence of women in literature If we look, the history there is no space for women in literature until 18th century. They are also absent from the field of reading and writing. In Shakespearean time and even in 17th century, women were not allowed to perform on stage but men were allowed to perform the character of women. Since ancient time women are considered a weak creature. After 18th century when women were given right to vote, we find a very less number of women writers. It is not only the case of western literature but women are very rare in eastern literature, because women literacy in every society is very low.

They are not being taught, then how can expose their feelings, sensations to the world. They are unable to read and write to know about the feelings of others. Even if they can read and write but their number is very less because the first thing is that, their work is not taken seriously and their work is considered hard to understand. Most of women's works remain unread because men think that women talk about useless and trivial matters. Women work is not noninsured as good as men's work, because they have so many conventional roles to play in society.

At a time, she is engaged in so many household activities. Therefore, they have adopted pseudonym or male's pen name. They want to ensure their work would receive serious attention. George Eliot is one of those women writers who have adopted male pen name. Her real name was Mary Anne but she changed her name in order to get the intention of reader for her work. A postmodern poet Naomi Shiva Nee in one of her poem "Lives of the Women Poets" talks about women poets that they are criticized for their poetry. Their work is considered immature not up to date and slow.

She also tells the reasons that why women's work is incomprehensible. She says that women have also other conventional roles to perform in society therefore; their work is as deep as they themselves are. She says that instead of ridiculing their writing men should give second look to their writing then they can understand it easily. Many women cannot express themselves openly in society they use privet ways of writing such diaries, letters, chatting etc. Anne Frank was a Jews girl. She used to write dairy about Nazi German that how they utterly treated the Jews and she hid this dairy from Nazi.

Another black woman by the name of Acing Moloch was working in a factory. She used to live in her sister room, which was allotted by white people where she used to work. When her sister was supposed to leave the house Acing found a public toilet unlocked and she began to write their. So if the case of western society which is considered innovator and who claim for women freedom and equality then what would be the situation of eastern society. In our eastern society also , women are found silenced in literature. If we look to Urdu literature, we can find many examples T women silenced. Nee example AT women's silence Is Nazarene Menaces novel IMMORTAL EUROS (mirror of bride), published in 1869, was specifically written for girls/ women for "correct" and socially acceptable behavior. The novel "Safari and Shari" Depicts the advantages of being silence through the mouth piece of Shari the younger sister , while the eldest one Safari punished by God as she follows her mood. So the basic concept of writing reflects the attributes of good girl or women. Silence of women in politics If we see women in the field of politic, they are muted.

Even the developed nation I-J, only holds 145 of seats in parliament. The academic institutes always have more men in secession making boards a least number of women can be seen in such scenario and if they speak then the interval of their turn is always very short or overlapped by some men. In develop nations the number of women in politics is very less as compare to men. In Pakistan as well the seats for women in parliament is very less. Even if few women are working in political department but they have no right to use their political authority freely.

They are silenced by threatening or silenced forever. The best example of women silenced politically is our great leader Benzene Bout. She is silenced forever by our conservative society. She was not epitome of women leader of Pakistan but of Asia. In our society, women are unable to voice their opinion in politics being unable to cast a vote or run for offices. They cast vote with the choice of their family head. This shows the empowerment of man by whose she is silenced. We see change in politic for women during Unshared, reign. In his time, the number of women increases in politics.

The Cabinet has approved reservation of 10%quota for omen in central Superior Services in its meeting held on 12 July 2006. Earlier, there was a 5% quota for women across the board in all Government departments. Unshared also passed women protection bill in 2006. Women are working for Major Corporations but not leading them. Practicing medicine but rarely heading medical departments or hospitals. Running for political offices but still not winning more than a token percentage of seats. As of 2012, women accounted for only 16 percent of partners at the country.

Silence of women in church and law In Christianity, it is a kind of rule that women hocked remain silent in the churches they are not allowed to speak but must be in submission. They say that if they want to inquire about something, they should ask their own husband at home; for it is disgraceful for a woman to speak in the church. Women are abolished in law or legal discourse in both western and eastern society. They have no access to court for the demand of their right or for the solution of their problems. The rules of law are not equal for men and women.

The rules for women in our society are very strict. If any woman commits in co- illegal action, the law of society punishes her mentally and physically and she would be unacceptable by society and parent's throughout her life. Nevertheless, for a man they have such rules. The feminists also cast that in some societies women are considered untrustworthy to be witnesses in in a court of law. Certainly, no one can deny that women have suffered and abused at the hand of male throughout history. Jewish were in the view that not to speak with women not to teach them.

The Jewish wisdom literature states, e w o talks much welt womankind rolling evil upon enamels Ana neglect ten study of law. " Silence of women in cyberspace Women are silenced in every field of life. Feminists have observed that women have no access to technological field and cyberspace because they believe that this world wild web demonstrates that it is a male construction; it was begun by men and exploits technologies many women have not been trained to use or are not comfortable using. There is very less number of women in cyberspace.

They conceal their identity on cyberspace and live under pseudonyms. They have no place in public discussion groups, chat rooms, educational Web forums, etc. In our society if even girls are not allowed to use F. B and Twitter. In our society people have negative discernment regarding those girls who use Face Book even if a boy sent proposal for girl he first asks whether she use Faceable or not. They have no access to information technology by their parent's, siblings and husbands even they have no access to mobile In addition, women are silenced by power-structured society.

In order to save themselves from the boastfulness, sarcasm, and flaming of men they preferred to remain silent in technological field. In our society if a woman is working in electronic media such as television or radio, stations are not considered a good mind of women by society. Even if they are working as newscasters, has also taken negatively by society. In our society, it is a kind of patriarchal rule that women should stay in "Cheddar and churchwarden". Failure to abide by these arbitrary rules has led to punishment by abuse and shaming.

The notion of "honor" once associated with the physical person of a woman - has thus found an extant ion in virtual world too. Reasons of Women Silence There are so many social, psychological and cultural reasons of women's silence. The first reason is that society is patriarchal and man is dominated. Men do not want that omen should equal to theme in status therefore women have not given a proper kind of education. Because men fear that if, women become able to read and write this would make them too independent and they would demand about their rights.

Secondly, due to lack of literacy they have lack of access to media and information technology and due to lack of economic independence the cannot afford such information technology like computer which becomes the reason of their remain silence. Thirdly, they are silenced by fear of being ridiculed. They learnt these through practice, experience of society that if they speak their speech would noninsured abhorrent, and they would be unacceptable for society. Fourthly, women have lack of economic independent therefore; they era relying on men for their expenditure.

They are not allowed to go outside their home for work they think that women should stay at home. In our society, educated and financially independent women often meet the fate of mental and physical torture in our male dominated society. They considered it better to be silent. Finally, they are ministering their family members; caring for child etc. , they have so many conventional rules to play in society. They have also other household activities to perform. So in order to take care of society, cultural rules, expectation of people, male dominant society, fear of being ridicule, they remain silent.

We have observed silenced of women more in rural area as compare to urban, because of the above-mentioned reasons. The result is that women are silently suffering throughout their life, which results many different ancestrally Ana campanological Leases. I nose Leases teeny consoler ten erect AT ghost or witchcraft. Feminists for decades are trying to solve this problem and want to change the attitude of men or society towards women. However, in western society the situation is totally changed regarding women as compare to our eastern society.

But the first and foremost action which can bring change if that women should give right to get proper education. If they get education, they will financially independent and they will be cognizant of their rights. Then they can rise their voice against male dominate society. Men should change their attitude toward women. They must not take women as a gender rather they should take women as a human or fellow being. Women should have given equal right in every field of life such as politics, access to information technology, law and society.

If we look to our great religion Islam, it also gives equal right to men and women in education, and in decision making about their future. Islam says that women should not remain silent in decision making about their future. Consequently, after all this we observe that women are not silent by nature but they are silenced by patriarchal society consciously or unconsciously. This is not only the case of western society rather it is a universal and natural phenomena. If we take certain actions then we can change the attitude of men or society towards women.