Timbre is the tone that an instrument or a group of instruments is making. It usually determines what instrument is being played. Timbre is created due to the overtones generated by a specific instrument. 4. Track 1: "Stubborn Love". Each individual instrument adds to the atmosphere created by the instruments as a whole. The song sounds slow, emotional, and uplifting as a result of the instruments used and note progressions played, an example being when the guitar and violin are played together. Track 2: "Wait For Me".

By using loads of different instruments the band has created a ere unique timbre. The instruments all work together to create a song with different moods. The guitarists work well together to create a fantastic rhythm and melody. Very emotional song. Track 3: "Waves". This song is electronic. The different sounds, instruments and synthesizers used were well tweaked to create a catchy and deep song. The collaboration of real instruments and digital ones makes it a very interesting and well produced track.

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Example being the guitar played over the baseline. 5. Genre can be defined as a group of music or a group of songs with similar characteristics. 6. Track 1: Folk Rock Track 2: Southern Rock/Alternative Track 3: Deep House 7. Folk Rock is a genre which combines the elements and styles of folk and rock music. The genre was influence by musicians such as Bob Dylan, The Battles and The Byrd. Southern Rock is a submerge of rock music which developed in the southern United States by combining elements of Blues, rock and roll and country music.

It focuses mainly on electric guitar and vocals. Deep House is a submerge of House music and is electronically generated. It has touches of soul and Jazzy elements. 8. Each song has relatively similar instruments. There are many differences in withy, tone, strumming patterns and tempo due to the band/artists own unique style of play and influences. Genre also influences the way the instruments are played in each song and the tempo at which they are played.

Similarities lie in places such as the tone of the guitars and the sound of the drums. We can also hear 9. Velocity is the loudness that a note is played and volume is the loudness of all notes/instruments played together as a whole. 10. We can hear during the intro to the first song how the guitar is played softly and gently and then played loudly. When played loudly we are able to feel the passion of he musician and many other emotions can be conveyed through this such as anger, frustration, pain and so on.

When played softly we are able to hear the way a musician feels or less intense emotions. The same goes for the other songs. When played loudly the intensity of a song increases and we can feel the passion of a musician and, depending on what the song is about, we can relate to it on an emotional level.