Why had sophia and her parents fled their new york home in early september 1776?
British soldiers was a attacking New York and staying was dangerous
What did mr. calderwood hide inside the hearth of his home?
iron chest with coins
Why did Sophia go to see Mr.Rivington and Mr.Gaine the morning after Mr.Calderwood returned home?
to see if the printer had copy work for Mr.Calderwood
What did sophia tell the british soldiers who escorted her to dr.dastuges house and then home?
her father has a fever
Why did Captain Mackenzie take over the Calderwood upstairs room?
my orders are to find accommodation for our british officers
How old was sophia Calderwood,narrator,at the beginning of the story?
12 years old
Why did mr Calderwood think it would be safe to send his wife and daughter back to the New York home without him?
not sure how safe it would be for him and he thought that the british soldiers would not harm a mother and a child
Whose hanging did Sophia witness when she and her mother returned home from the country?
Nathan Hale
Who did Sophia see one day in November 1776 when John Andre was escorting her to Mr. Gaine's shop?
Her brother William
Americans who supported the British monarchy were called "Torries" or
Why were the Calderwoods concerned about their seventeen-year old son, William?
William was a patriot soldier and they did not hear any new about him
Why did Captain Mackenzie and four British soldiers search the Calderwood house?
looking for Mr. Calderwood and they were looking for evidence that he was a rebel
Who was John Paulding?
William's friend and he also joined the army with them
Why was it crucial that Mr. Calderwood return home soon?
he would be accused of being a rebel and they would lose their house
Who had taught Sophia how to read and write?
her brother William
The BRitish officer who boarded with the Calderwoods was
Lt. John Andre
Why was MR. Gaine's servant boy afraid to leave the shop and go out into the street?
British military were forcing boys they find in the street to join the navy
Who was the American Commander who captured Montreal and Fort Ticonderoga?
Benedict Arnold
What was Mr. Calderwood's occupation
a scrivener and copy editor
What information did John Andre promise Sophia he's not report to authorities?
not to tell that about William being a rebel soldier