But everything changed In 6th semester In which my curriculum evolved predominantly around automobiles. I finally felt something that really amused me. Even as the days whizzed away, my enthusiasm towards automobiles never waned and I could never get enough of the subject. This was my pole star that made me realize my true called, automobile engineering. Ever since my school days I was an avid learner and an achiever. My excellence carried me toxic, It gave me a very good exposure by allowing me to compete against the best. Not only did I love the competition, I thrived on it.

Apart from giving me such a competitive environment, it also satiated my avarice for knowledge. I excelled in academics, achieving very good marks in the state exam. I secured 72% in my matriculation. Later on then, In my 1 12th standard(eliminated) in XX Junior College scored 72 It was a great feat and opened the doors to high profile universities all over my country. My higher secondary marks enabled me to get admitted in prestigious institute named XX, formerly known as XX, Affiliated XX,XX one of the top ranked universities in my country.

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Choosing Mechanical engineering as my undergraduate program, I endured a slow start. But my grades augmented as subjects like Internal Combustion engines, Theory of Machinery(Kinematics & Dynamics), Design of Machine elements, Finite element Analysis, invigorated my penchant towards curriculum, as I found these subjects alluring. It reflected directly on my grades which have enhanced drastically considering my performance genesis of my course.

Stepping away from academics, always been an active participant in extra-curricular activities right from my inchoate phase. I won accolades in debates, SOP for automobile engineering and other such events. I have also showcased my leadership abilities by being chief organizers in many events that took place throughout my under graduation. Also, my professors, teachers and fellow students have acknowledged that a very commendable and good communication skill which will come In handy given that I am trying to do my graduate programmer outside my country.

In my 3rd semester of engineering we had a factory vaults to largest manufacturer of Trucks and Buses manufacturing plant In Achaean, India named "SHOO LELAND", this developed more Interest towards Automobiles, and In 4th Semester, We had a factory vaults to Railway Locoweed plant at Laggard, Hydrated. , One of the manufacturing lanes, where they used an Insight about forging, casting, plucking and other such processes. After that, I also underwent trailing for CACTI and NANAS during my semester breaks.

This event is being conducted in National level, Among 124 teams participated Virtual level all over the country, only 66 being selected and we stood 6th and after in the 66 teams participated in B. I. C, we stood 2nd in the Racing and 4th entire designing and fabrication of the vehicle, Keeping this aspect, as this is the best project Vive done related to my interest and Automobile industry. The project was a ritual experience, considering all the above I relished this opportunity as it had developed more interest in my mind towards Engines, mechanisms, manufacturing & technology regarding sop for automobile engineering.

Apart from enlightening me with manufacturing processes and terms like production planning, material review report, scheduling, cycle time, forecasting predictions; it was a stint that made me comfortable with Syncs, Vim's and Gigs & fixtures. This experience demonstrated me that there is always room for improvement and the production can always be more efficient. Finally, I craved to do an internship relevant to my area of interest, sop for automobile engendering the fact that my previous endeavors were at manufacturing companies.

I got that chance at one of the leading manufacturers in Automobile industry named FORD Automobiles. It was most interesting and a Jaw dropping experience that I have encountered. But the sections that really grabbed my attention were the ones which showed the workings and schematics of engines, transmission systems, Suspension and steering used in vehicles. It was an eye opening experience which showed me how humongous the automobile field was. It inspired me to further plunge into the vortex that is sop for automobile engineering.

As I probed deeper into the subject, I had a grand epiphany that I was at the crossroads where my next step is nothing but getting into a graduate program, a sop for automobile Engineering. And what is a better place to do it than doing it in top country USA, and that too in the Detroit, consisting most automobile plants around Detroit, largest city of USA. I have a goal: treading towards an automobile field which solely runs on pure, pollution free energy which will not only take humanity to next level but also avoid the catastrophic events that looms over our head.

And absolute certitude that no other place suits me more than where I can equip myself to overcome all the challenges that lay on my destined path. Knowing that it's more of a marathon than a burst of sprint, I shall strive hard and channel all my unbridled efforts to realize my goal. The knowledge acquired in schools and colleges, I believe is not an education, but the means to it. It is this belief that makes me a student to my grave and will always inspire me to learn from everything. My belief will always direct me towards curiosity resulting in Exploration that will always aid human life.