In today's digital world, there is always an ever-increasing emphasis on information security. Cyber Security,one of the biggest challenges the IT industry is facing since its inception drives me to pursue a career in Computer security. My first practical exposure on security was when I was developing Mobiles based SAP applications in 2011 for one of the top US clients an oilfield services company.

The challenges I came across in building secure applications persuaded me to become a security professional. Since then it was no turning back. My hunger to grow and learn in this field landed me an opportunity to work as an IT Manager in one of the largest scheduled banks under the Gobo of India. I started to realize that I needed a strong and a better understanding of fundamentals and underlying principles involved in this field to further my aspiration to be a better security personnel.

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My families financial woes were always a barrier In e receiving the best education available throughout my learning career. However, my passion for learning was rich enough to sail me through with flying colors. The very first thing that stuck with me about the university was the Institutional Strategic Plan, 2012-15 and the variety of scholarships available to encourage a student like me. In no time I realized I was looking at the right University.

There are 3 strong reasons for me choosing this course at Kent. Firstly, the course module and structure and the flexibility to choose variety of optional. Secondly, the option of an Industrial Placement which Is a huge plus where I get exposure to real world problems. And lastly, the Kent IT clinic and the career and employability service of the university. I yearn to pursue my masters In computer security and profusely contribute to make the world a better and a safer place for IT businesses.