Change is precipitated by technological advancement in electronics, epigenetic engineering and other fields of sciences. Because of the nonstop changes in the business environment, people and customers have re-created their needs, necessitating adjustments on the way business are done. Change is based on technology which is based on inventions and discoveries, which in turn, are based on change. There is change because a need Is note satisfied. And to satisfy a need, a quality service becomes necessity.

Background of the Study Over the years, as the demand for cleaner water becomes higher, the price of should water purifiers and bottled water has become prohibitive. Water refilling stations manage by private entrepreneurs offer cheaper and more convenient solutions to the publics water or the use of household filters. Ensuring you can successfully take orders, process these orders and delivers them can be a complex process. Regardless of the size of your organization, having systems that can cope with and adapt to new business models and structures is key to remaining competitive in any market whether growing or contracting.

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Same thing happens in PRIME WATER as day goes by the data expands every information stored. One way of improving or enhancing their processing and transaction Is developing their system. Nowadays, computerized or automated processing is one of the most efficient ways to produce fast and effective transaction. The higher the demands, the more data processed. That's why they need to update or upgrade their system. Creating a database that handles more data Is one of the solutions. 22 Statement of the Problem 2. 3. General Problem The main problem of the research is how to make a sales and inventory system that could help Prime Water to monitor their products and to make their transactions aster. 2. 3. 2 Specific Problem The following are the specific problems that need to work out: data without difficulty * How to eradicate the manual system of inventory counting the time for every transactions * How to generate reports easily 23 Objectives of the Study 2. 4. 3 General Objective * How to retrieve * How to minimize The general objective of this research is to make Sales and Inventory system of Prime Water.

In addition, we design a system which is best for Prime Water. To attain the general objective, these are the following specific objectives to be achieved: * To retrieve data without difficulty To eradicate the manual system of inventory counting * To minimize the time for every transactions * To generate reports easily 2. 4 Significance of the study The proposed Sales and Inventory System will benefit the following: * For the Company, the system will help the employees to speed up their inventory, sales reports and updates the records. The work of the employees will be simplified. For the Customer, to avoid waiting too much time in accepting their order. And the process in terms of ordering products becomes easier. * For the Management, it will be easy for them to know if there is availability of products because of the yester. Determining inventories and other transactions will be done in an easy way with the help of the system. 2. 5 Scope and Limitations Scope The access control of this Computerized Sales and Inventory System is granted to the key personnel appropriate to the type of the business which is the subject matter of this system, the cashier and the adman.

The user authentication of the system requires both user to enter a user name and a password. Specific user authorization allows the adman to access all the features of the system while the cashier can Just access the cashiering and reports feature. The function of the system is confined to he following features: Accounts * The owner has the access in all features of the program. * The owner can have a proxy as an adman of the system, by adding a user as an adman.

Cashiering * It serves as a conjunction to the inventory tasks where the outflow of the products is manifested. * It will also process, display cash change as well as official receipt for customers' order and can generate all reports. * The adman can input the information of the product. * The adman can stock in the product. Archive Purchased Order * Let the user store the face out product information that came from the purchased order. * It can restore or permanently delete the product.

Reports * It will generate reports. Search * Can optimize the product inquiry. Limitations The developed system will focus only on Sales and Inventory System of Prime Water. These are the following limitations: * The system does not include other business access maintenance and update forms. And checks, only cash. 2. 0 Methodology of the Study * The system cannot cater a credit cards We decided to use the Water Fall model of OSDL (System Development Life Cycle) as our Methodology for the System.

The OSDL is a conceptual model that describes the hashes involved in an information system development project, from initial feasibility study through maintenance of the completed application and has the following five phases that are easily to understand and less time to spend for the system and these are: Advantage : * Simple and Easy to use. * Phases are processed and completed one at a time. * Progress of system is measurable. * Works well for smaller projects where requirements are very well understood / stable. Disadvantage : * Time consuming. Poor model for long run projects. * Difficulty responding to changes. DESIGN IMPLEMENTATION ANALYSIS MAINTENANCE PLANNING Planning In this phase we discussed on how are we going to make the project possible, we assign each member of the group to a specific task, what type of strategy are we going do. Analysis After planning we gather information, for us this is the most critical part of the development of the system, we carefully analyze information based on our information gathered, we make a solution that will improve the current inventory system of PRIME WATER.

Design Designing phase, in this part we design an interface based on the analysis, we make a design that is easy to use by the user and to achieve the main goal of this duty, to improve the current inventories system. Implementation In this phase we will implement the proposed system in the PRIME WATER to installed ensure that the user are all trained and that the organization is ready to benefit as expected from use of the system. Maintenance The group decides to give at least two (2) months free for the maintenance of the system.

Keep the system running productively during the years following its initial installation upgrades or enhancements may be carried out to expand the system's capabilities. 3. 0 Data Gathering Procedures and Output Our Group conducted an investigation on what systems are most currently demanded of by the Institutions here in General Santos City and have found out that most of the Institutions are using manual procedures. We started by gathering data by personal interviews on how a transaction process system really work. Then we went to 36 Apparent SST.

Barraging City Heights on the 2nd week of July 2012 to conduct an initial study to for the proposed system. Our Group asked permission on one of the employees of the establishment and permission was granted. The employee invited us inside his station to talk about the flow of transaction services sing their current system. While the employee explained the necessary details, we observed the flow of their current system. After an hour of chat, the proponents have gathered initial data for the proposal and to derive an appropriate system.

Based on the gathered data and observation of the proponents; the problems are that the employee was always writing all transaction services that is done within the day in a log book and recently using Microsoft Office Excel as his database the transaction services Just to lessen his burden on writing it on the log book. On the following day f July 2012, we sent a letter to the head of the establishment to ask permission for thorough investigation. On the 1st week of August 2012, our members visited the establishment for thorough study and validate the gathered the data using open- ended questions. 4. Documentation of the Current System 4. 1 Background of the Company Prime Water 36 Apparent SST. Berg. City Heights branch (main) has started their business on May 8 2001. But it is first known as Crystal Clear Berg. City Heights branch. They decided to go independent by making its own branch named Prime Water. Due to high demands of purified drinking water, they settled out new ranches in different part of South Catboat like : Prime Water - Surgical branch, Marble branch and Taciturn branch. Now they are planning to make their business bigger by recruiting other people to invest or franchised from them. . 2 Description of the Current System Prime Water 36 Apparent SST. Berg. City Heights branch is currently using Microsoft Office Excel as their database. It is a system where the employee uses spreadsheets and word applications on printing other services and reports. At the workbooks based on the second copy of official receipt and re-encode it when making reports. On the process of transaction on getting orders and payment the employee check first the name and address of the customer. Then the customer's request shall be granted. 4. 3 Data Flow Diagram 5. Software/ProJect Estimation 5. 1 Schedule of Activities 12 13 14 15 13 | 14 | 15 | 1. Analysis Phase I 1. 1 Introduction I of the Study I 16 17 18 19 110 Ill I 1. 2 Methodology 1. 3 Data Gathering I | 1. 4 Doc. Current System I I 2. Planning Phases I | 2. 1 Proposed System Overview I I | 2. 2 Analysis Specification I | 2. 3 Software Design Specification I | 3. Implementation Phase I 3. 1 Programming Consideration 3. 2 System Requirements I I Testing I | 3. 4 Installation I | 4. Maintenance Phase I 5. 2 Cost Estimation Expenses: Printing Fare/Fuel Folder IPPP. O IPPP. O POP. O Photocopy Pl 50. 00 Total: IPPP. O Pl 275. 00 6. 0 Requirements Analysis Specification (Model System Requirements) 6. 1 Process Specification / Model 6. 1. 1 Context Flow Diagram 6. 1. 2 Diagram O 6. 2 Data Specification / Model 7. 0 Software Design Number 1: Name: Add User Description: Key in the Users information. The input should be edited and updated for information. Input Data Flow: Fill the Users information direct to the system User's record from the Del, account main record. . Output Data Flow: 1 .

Updated user information if required Pseudo code: User information key in Then The record is added onto the account form Else if The information is edit by user Update information Else No transaction occur End If Number 2: Name: Add Product Description: Key in the product information. The input should be edited for correct information and update. Input Data Flow: 1 . Product form for the new product information. 2. Product record from the data store Del, Product Main Record. 3. New product records in the data store Del, Product Main Record. Output Data Flow: 1. New product item to sale section. . Updated new product item records. New product information key in The new record is added into the purchasing form. Else If The new product is key in No adding product will occur End if Number 3: Description: Key in the customer buy product. The input should be edited for correct information. Buy information is updated for the computing purposes. Input Data Flow: 1. Sales invoice form for the computing customer's purchased product 2. Customer purchase product from the data store Del, Sales Main Record. Output Data Flow: 1 . Backorder item to inquiry section 2. Updated item records. 3.

Compute the customer's purchased product. . Release for customer's invoice. Customer purchased product, information is key in Compute for the customer's total cost of the item consume. Purchased products are compute Produce receipt for the customer No transaction or sales will occur. Number 4: Name: Produce management Report Description: Generates the updated files of inventory stocks. Providing the hard and soft copy Input Data flow: Update inventory files Output Data Flow: Generates and produce inventory reports. The administrator wants to distinguish report Generates inventory report 7. Data Specification Log in Form - log in to access the system. Surname - employee's last name serves as the surname. Password - employee's code will be given by the administrator. Control Panel - serves as the main window that displays the following forms for transaction. User Accounts - this form serves for adding, deleting, updating user's information. Inventory - list of the items and returned items. Reports - summary of the items includes the master list, sales and returned items. Archive - storage of the items that are inactive. 7. Screen Specifications Login form Main Form Sales Form User Form Product / Inventory Form Report Form 7. 4 Program / Module Specification 8. 0 Software Implementation . 1 Programming Considerations, Issues, and Tools The developed system for Prime Water has a task of managing inventory records; inventory counting, determining the re-ordering point and update on each inventory's last monitor period by the administrator and staff of the said company. The Administrator has the overall control of the system, and it must be set or checked by him if it is working reliably prior to operation all throughout the day.

Black box testing is a test that focuses on functional requirements of the software. 8. 3. 2 -rest cases Test Cases it is the implementation of the whole system which identify the errors may occur. Test cases help you to identify possible circumstances will occur in the system. Listed below are the things to be test: * Unit Testing- are also called module testing. It is the process of testing individual ode modules before they are integrated with other module. * Integration Testing- is the process in which module are tested if they are integrated with other. System Testing- is the process in which the entire system tested integrated with interface and modules. 8. 4 Installation Process In the installation process of the Sales and Inventory System, you have to install Myself, Myself Connector ODBC English, as well as the programming language, a programming language use by the proponents to create the system. If you are going to run the system with fix information, the system will ask you for the information hat provided you as an administrator. Thus, our group will be the responsible for installing all the requirements to be able to run the system.

We will instruct the client and the users, train them about the functionalities of the system. 9. 0 System Software Maintenance Plan far the system works, and focus on system maintenance and tuning. It is the method used to preserve the efficiency of the software which continues managing the users and also the system of the pharmacy which can help them to have an easy and fast service. The proponents will check the system every month for a certain maintenance, which includes: Corrective maintenance deals with the repair of faults or defects found.

In this phase the proponents will focus on diagnosis and correction of one or more errors. As errors are brought to the attention of the proponents, emergency repairs will be made. * Adaptive maintenance consists of adapting software to changes in the environment, such as the hardware or the operating system. This phase will result in modification to the software to accommodate changes to its external environment. The proponents will not correct errors; they will merely allow the system to adapt to a change elsewhere in the system. Perfective maintenance mainly deals with accommodating to new or change user requirements.