K. J. Somalia Institute of Engineering And Information Technology Solo, Iambi - 400022 Department: Information Technology Academic year: 2011-12 Lab Manual Class -T. E Seem VI Subject: Software Engineering Version: 2 K. J. Somalia Institute Of Engineering And Information Technology Department Of Information Technology List of Experiments: 1) Detailed Statement of Problem for selected Case Study-Name 2) Create Software Requirement Specification in IEEE format for Case Study -name 3) Project Scheduling Plan using any Project management tool 4) Draw Use case & Class Diagrams for case study using any Analysis and Design

Tool. 5) Draw Data Flow Diagram for Case study using any design & analysis Tool 6) Draw Control Flow diagram for Case study using any design & analysis Tool 7) Prepare & design code for stubs & drivers. 8) Change specifications and make different versions of case study using any SCM tool 9) Test Driven software Development 10) Apply web engineering for any web based application Experiment No: 01 Aim: Detailed Statement of Problem for selected Case Study-Name of case study Software Used: MS-Word/any text editor Theory: Write detailed statement of case study selected as Interaction between system entities

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List all entities present in ADS List all attributes of each entity List all functions of each entity List all interactions [relationships between all entities as statements Conclusion: ADS of the selected case study is created as a document diastase. Identified & documented no. Of entities attributes, operations and relationships. Author: Regressions, J. Rumba Reference Books: 1 . Software Engineering-A practitioners Approach-then 2. Object oriented analysis and Design Publication: Experiment No: 02 Aim: Create Software Requirement Specification in IEEE format for Case Study - name

Introduction-Case Study details (egg. Online Book Store Case Study). Purpose The main purpose to create online book store is to provide different books to all types of user. The user doesn't need to go anywhere in search for a book. The book are recognized either by KIDS no or Author name. Database of book and customer or user has been maintainers is the first release version V 1. 0. 0. There are various packages with different offers that user can select and can make his trip comfortable. Document Conventions The font with all bold letters indicates the acronym and all other font indicates

The higher priority thing is specified with other font with italic. Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions This software is intended to be read and check by all the developer, project manager, document writer and designer who are involved in any means to provide any help in software development. The reader must go through all the technologies aspects and requirements listed in this file. The sequence for reading this file begins with overview section and proceeding through the sections that are most suitable with each ongoing activity.

Product Scope Online Bookstore is a system in which user can get the overview of the book. After over viewing of the book the customer can purchase the book either by credit card or Papal. Through this user can order book by Just visiting site The source code of this project is available free of cost so the future modification can be done. References IEEE SST 830-1998 IEEE Recommended Practice for Software Requirements. Books: Java the complete reference Overall Description Product Perspective It is a self contained product. It gives user the broad vision about the various books available.

With that it provides various discounts as per the schemes. The user can also recommend the book. The s/w will also provide the cancellation facility to the user. Product Functions 1 . Provide detailed information about books available when user logins into site. 2. Provide discounts or special offers. 3. Maintain database of user that purchased the book. 4. Maintain database of book that are recommended. 5. Maintain overall database of books. 6. Perform necessary transaction and update the database. 7. Provide return policy of book.

User Classes and Characteristics The classes involve User: It's the one who purchase the book by logging into account after registration. Adman: Maintains the database records of all books, recommended books, user those who have purchase book and those who have return the book. The Adman also performed the transaction and update the database. Characteristic of User/customer Customer attributes: Cuts id Cuts Banknote Bill no _purchased_product_list User Operations Login 0 Select Book() Purchase Book 0 Playbill 0 Return Book 0 Logout 0 Subclass of Online Bookstore 1 .

Booking: This contains all the book info, and their discount, so that user can get the overall view. Attributes: Book id Book name Book_price Author name Book table Adman:let has all the rights to change the discount available to user. Attributes: A id Adman no Adman_salary Adman name Functions of adman Login() Call_bill() Generate_bill() Update_Database() Logout() Operating Environment The environment required is Tomcat Apache server, Wampum server. No special hardware requirement. The s/w can run in any operating system Cave is used).

The Microsoft Access is used for the creation of database. Design and Implementation Constraints The software is going to be developed in the Java using the connectivity with Access, o there is no software limitations as the Java can run in any SO. The s/w is expected to be developed within the time period of 3 months including communication, s/w development. For the security purpose the user authentication will be performed which will allow only the registered users to login. The s/w will be developed in pH with the Access (database) connectivity.

For any future demands the modifications will be performed User Documentation The user is being provided with all the important information. The cancellation charges with the duration will be informed. The user can go through the reviews, and can ask for the online help, which will instruct him/her to get through the process. The email will be sent to the user for any future packages or special offer. The user can give the feedback too. External Interface Requirements User Interfaces The interface between the user and Multimillionaires is the web site... The web site will consist of the following buttons on every screen: 1.

Home 2. About Us 3. Register 4. Contact Us 5. Book overview 6. Help 7. Feedback 8. Log In The images displayed on the screen will be of Book. The home page will consist of inks which will give the related information. The home page will consist of the Log In window which will allow only the registered users to go forward, and will ask others to register. The window will open in response to the user's input (package selection) which will ask to enter the/ her data, and for which the data is not entered will give the error message and will ask to enter that data.

Any user who wants to cancel his/ her booking will be provided with the cancellation option displayed on the window which opens after the user's logged in. The Log Out button will be displayed for the Logged In users. Hardware Interfaces This software can run in any operating system and in any hardware as the s/w is developed in the Java. Which is platform independent? Communication protocol will be HTTP. Software Interfaces database connectivity it can perform the following operation: 1. Insert() 2. Delete() 3. Modify() 4. Ditto 5. Retrieve() 6. Update() When the user is asked to register, the data he/ she will insert will be stored in the user database which will be used for the authentication purpose of the user. When the user selects any book and inserts the data, which will be stored in the database and will be retrieved from the database for generating bill or even for cancellation of order. The other database will store the information about the books which are provided by the Bookstore. That data will be retrieved when user selects any Book.

Communications Interfaces As this software is for the online booking of tour package, it requires web browser, HTTP protocol, wampum server, camp server, Apache tomcat server, and database connectivity between access and Java. The authentication activity will be performed in order to check whether the user is registered or not? If the user is not registered or e forgets the password then he will be asked to answer the question which he has selected during the creation of his LLC. System Features The major service provided by this system is to enable the user for online ordering of book The communication between user and website.

System Feature 1 Description and Priority The user is the main actor in this system; the s/w is developed to facilitate the user to book online Book from the information provided. The user is given a high priority as he is the primary actor of the system. Stimulus/Response Sequences 4. 1. 2 Stimulus/Response Sequences User's actions: 1. Creating account in site. 2. Previewing of different book provided by Online Bookstore and selecting. 3. Inserting the data which is asked to be filled. Adman actions (in correspondence to user's actions): 1.

Creates a new entry in the user database allowing user to select the book. 2. As per the selection of the book displays charges and other related information. 3. Makes entry of user data in the database and generates the bill. 4. Performs related transactions and updates the database. Adman 4. 2. 1 Description and Priority The Adman is the other main actor in this system; it will provide the information bout various books and related discounts or offer. It checks for the user authentication for the security purpose.

It will generate the bill which will consist of the information which user have entered, and will update the database after transaction. 4. 2. 2 Functional Requirements 1. Communication: The meetings will be held in which all the stack holders, developers, programmers as well as the users will have detailed talk on problem and the solution, which model will be efficient? , what must be the time duration? , what must be the effort? , etc. 2. Planning: Here the rough estimation will be calculated ND depending on that rough structure will be followed and required modifications will be performed to get the required outcome. . Modeling: Here the infrastructure will be discussed, which involves the fronted, backbend, database connectivity, etc. 4. Security: The system will give an error to the unauthorized access. The system maintains the user database which is used for the authentication purpose. 5. Development: For the creation of the system software programmers are required as well as the administrator is also required for updating database time to time. Other Nonfunctional Requirements Performance Requirements . The transaction performed must be in the consistent state. It must follow the ACID property. . There must be consistency in the user's data which is repeated in two or more database. 3. The system must generate the response immediately in order to give the proper direction, any delay may generate the wrong result which is not acceptable. Security Requirements The system allows only the registered users to access the information about the tour packages and to select one of them. For non- registered users it will not allow them to access the information about tour packages, they will have access only to the general information which will be displayed on the home page.

The system makes record of all the users for this authentication purpose. Software Quality Attributes Software quality characteristics for the product are important. The correctness refers to the outcome of the system, whether it satisfies the problem requirement. The system provides the online booking for book with the background knowledge which solves the user's time consuming problem. Development. As the Java is used it doesn't depend upon any platform, on any platform it can run so any future modifications are required to be performed can be one easily.

It is a portable system, as already mentioned the Java is used which is platform independent. Conclusion: In this way SIRS is created is IEEE standards format. Experiment No: 03 Aim: Create Project Scheduling Plan Using project management tool Software Used: Microsoft project manager CASE tool, Microsoft word. Project planning As an essential element of project management, project planning involves the development of action items and scheduling that will keep the project moving forward on a consistent basis.

When executed properly, project planning will also include target dates for the completion of each action item, making it possible to move forward with other pending items in an orderly manner. An actual project plan is referred to as an escalation list in some business settings. While some believe that project planning and process planning are the same that is not the case. Both are key elements in project management, but the focus of each element is complimentary rather than alike.

Process planning focuses more on the selection of resources needed for the project, as well as providing a general framework for achieving the desired end. By contrast, project planning will focus on identifying and arranging the individual tasks required completing each step in the project using the resources identified in the process planning. One view of project planning divides the activity into: Requirement gathering Requirement analysis People allocation Designing as module wise Coding Testing In this we follow the all above steps and plan out the entire project we focus on identifying and arranging the individual tasks.

Requirements gathering (data and process) are a vital part of successful project management and application development?well-known and publicly available search, such as the Standish Group's Chaos Report, has shown this. Even though there is recognition of the importance of requirements gathering for application development, not enough has been done to explain the underlying need for a requirements gathering process or to develop methods to improve the process.

Moreover, it has been common in the Information Technology industry to blame the victim: in other words to blame the customers for not being sufficiently clear about their business requirements. Clients/users can be guided through a process that elicits their business requirements and facilitates accurate application development, UT the analyst must be well versed in both understanding the concepts of business requirement gathering AND the process that will best document them. In this step we gather all the information from the stakeholders and prepare the list.

In our project we gather from all the company personals so that we are cleared with the idea and can prepare the best user-friendly application. Requirements Analysis Requirements Analysis is the process of understanding the customer needs and expectations from a proposed system or application and is a well-defined stage in the Software Development Life Cycle model. Requirements are a description of how a system should behave or a description of system properties or attributes. It can alternatively be a statement of What' an application is expected to do.