Social commerce came into being and it is my view that it is here to stay, make business better, inject new energies into business and revolutionize how we do business. It involves using social media interaction and contribution to assist buying and selling of goods and services. It increases customer trust among retailers. Increased online tools including search engines, has optimized trading. Social commerce will not pass away; it makes life easier, comfortable and makes the world smaller or the famous global village.

Worthy to note though is that, technology comes with an evil mind with it. Social commerce has one of the easiest management techniques as it is centrally controlled with sophisticated tools. This cuts tremendously on costs, errors and offers the best error detection and correction. In addition to this, advertisement has been made very easy on both services and products. We no longer need to travel and burn out there, it is a click away. Embrace it!

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Products and services are located easily, no travel time needed, product and service comparison. Since world's inception life has never been a bed of roses, It is perched with thorns here and there. I say embrace it and watch out because, It Is a trade-off on other factors that includes more time, more costs for shipping, sky rocketing competition customer fear and doubts of unseen goods. Though the cyber world is fast taking over It does not bring with It the product experience before we he customers make up our mind to or not to purchase.