Briefly explain the history about this company? 2. What is the mission, objectives and vision of the company. 3. Who is the founder of this company. 4. Who is the top management and the CEO of the company. What are their main roles in this company? 5. What is your company achievement? 6. How many departments that this company has and what is the function and responsibilities each department? 7. Currently what type of products and services that your company offered in the market? 8.

Which products gain more attention in term of market share? What is the growth rate? 9. What is customer focus on market? ( e. G Muslim society,based on age,income... ) 10. What is your company budget? ( give example for main and certain product) 11. What is your price strategy? What type of price strategy that you are applying currently? ( e. G penetrating, skimming etc ) Price skimming Charge high introductory price, often coupled with heavy promotion.

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