Smart Glasses are spectacles embodying the wearable computing concept and either (1) allowing people to see better or (2) acting as an enabling technology for augmented reality (AR). Although currently at an early stage of development, smart glasses have been touted as the next stage of mobile communications - a platform that could eventually replace smartness.

Although Google Glass Is currently the ester child for smart glasses at the present time, there may be as many as 30 firms offering smart glasses - or planning to do so - at the present time. Full Report With TCO @ http://move. Researchers. Us/smart-glasses-component-and- technology- markets-2014-report. HTML These products differ significantly in their price points and in intended end-user markets. They also embody very different optical technologies, human-computer interfaces and system capabilities.

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As a result, Marketers believes that the surge f interest in smart glasses will lead to new business opportunities in the optical components, sensor and semiconductor sectors. While smart glasses face many challenges as commercial products, their success could mean billions of dollars In new revenues for components and sub-systems makers. Many of the new technologies are being developed by the smart glass firms themselves, but other specialist firms are emerging to provide specialized optical subsystems.

Marketers believes, that as the smart glasses business matures opportunities for technology and components start ups - some of them will grow to be large businesses, others will fall by the wayside. The objective of this report is to assess the key technologies that will be used in smart glasses and to forecasts their commercial potential over the next eight years. The report also predicts who the leading firms will be in this emerging space and how their product/market strategies are evolving.

The report builds on the Marketers' team In the optical components, sensor and splay sectors, where Marketers and its sister companies have been providing industry analysis for many years. The coverage in this report begins with an assessment of the various optical subsystems that are being deployed in smart glasses and then discusses how smart glasses technology and the latest human- computer Interfaces can come together to create viable businesses. Finally, the report takes a look at how smart glasses can generate significant new demand for All Latest Market Research Report @ http://www. Researchers. s/latest-report. HTML We think this report will be important to business development and marketing executives in the optical component, sensor and semiconductor industries, as well as for smart glass firms themselves. In fact, while some smart glasses, are completely functional as standalone products, most manufacturers recommend synchronization with cellular handsets thereby enabling enhanced functionality such as access to text messages, etc. Competition in this space is often through embedded technology such as voice commands, sophistication and ubiquity of cameras and activity tracking, etc.