General Skills for Customer Service Representative: Focus on the aspects of your experience that apply to this position. For this position you need to have excellent people skills, telephone skills, listening and speaking skills. In addition, specific technical skills for the industry the Customer Service Representative position entails. Learn about the skills needed for the position and stake out the relevant skills you have. Write down your answers. You definitely want to emphasize good customer service skills and problem solving. Think of an example r two for each, for example, staying calm under stress.

Then, put down on your resume all relevant skills for the Customer Service Representative position. Keep in mind, if the company invites you for an interview, they must have liked your skills in your resume, so focus on those skills in your resume. Customer Service Representative Requirements will vary depending on the company, product and scope of the position. However typical knowledge requirements include: 1. Be groomed. 2. Wear proper attire, such as a two-piece suit or Jacket and skirt. Do not wear excessive makeup and Jewelry. . Be positive. 4.

Be courteous and pleasant. 5. Listen well. Speak clearly. 6. Have eye-contact. 7. Do not over-produce yourself. 8. Have a copy of your resume typed and properly formatted. Include references in case the company would like to check up on your background. 9. During the interview if you are relaxed, you will do well. So practice relaxation before the interview, learn how to maintain your calm in a stressful situation. If you meditate regularly before the interview, that will help you a lot. 10. Role play with someone to rehearse the interview questions and answers.