Waking up in the morning is so hard for me since I was used to have an afternoon lass since first year college. This is a big challenge to me to adjust my body to wake up early. This training builds me to become a responsible person. I also learned how to make a mail and learned how to encode daily sales, create an ID and to handle the database. This is the most crucial part of my JOT. Database contains every data or information of the fellows of the company. One mistake, the whole database will lose the file so I learned how to handle this properly.

I also enhance my skills in Microsoft Word,Excel, Powering and Adobe Photos. They also taught me how to love your work. I also learn how to interact with other people not only to the Manager but also the other secretaries. I know that people have different characteristics and attitudes; however, Making friends with the other secretaries doesn't make difficult. I also learned to work with patience. Although thoroughly working on something was time consuming, the quality of the output is the most important. I also improved my communication skills. I also experienced to have a work with deadlines. B.

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Theories actually seen in practice I learned a lot during my training here in Bright Ventures Marketing. One of the most important attributes that our supervisor taught us is self-confidence. A person's confidence is based upon one's knowledge of the Job, and most importantly, one's own personal belief in his or her abilities. Confidence begets confidence. A weak or unsure supervisor will not inspire confidence in the people around him or her. A supervisor who demonstrates his or her knowledge and the confidence to use that knowledge will usually inspire others to attempt to gain and use the same knowledge.

Even though I am only trainees, they don't treat us like others. And as a trainee I don't feel uncomfortable as I worked with them. They also encourage me to go on with our studies until we become professional. C. Feedback that can be given to the company or institution d. Benefits gained.