What does Gawain know is gonna happen
he is gonna die
Who is Zephyrus
the West Wind
When is the holiday of Michaelmas?
29th of September
When is All-Saints day?
November 1st
What is lament?
What does Gawain ask Arthur?
He asks him if he can go on this journey to the green chapel to fulfill his promise
What color is Gawain's armor?
Gold and silver
What is a doublet?
an undershirt
What is Gawain's undershirt made of?
Tharsia silk
What is his armor made of?
What are heraldic designs?
coat of arms
What does Gawain do after he gets dressed?
He goes to mass
What is Gawain's horse named?
What is the horse wearing?
Gold and silver armor just like Gawain
What is on Gawain's shield?
A gold pentangle star
What does pentangle mean?
It is 5-pointed
What is the pentangle star?
It is the Star of Solomon
What does point one of the pentangle star represent?
The five fingers: thumb, index, middle, ring, pinky
What does point two of the pentangle star represent?
The five senses: sight, smell, taste, listen, touch
What does point three of the pentangle star represent?
The five joys of mary: announcement, nativity, resurrection, ascention, assumption
What does point four of the pentangle star represent?
The five wounds of christ: right hand, left hand, right foot, left foot, side
What does point five of the pentangle star represent?
The five qualities of chivalry: generosity, courtesy, pity, love, and freedom from sin
What do the villagers think will happen to Gawain?
They know he is gonna die
What does forded mean?
to cross
How does Gawain feel on his journey?
he feels lonley
What creatures does he encounter on his journey?
dragons, wolves, satyrs, forest trolls, bulls, bears, ivory-tusked boars, and ogres
What saves him from the beasts of the forest?
his strength, his courage, and God
How long is Gawain traveling?
For almost 2 months
Who does he pray to for help?
God and Mary
What does he see after praying?
A white castle
How long is Gawain welcome in the castle?
As long as he likes
What is allowed for Gawain to use in the castle?
How do the people of the castle treat him?
Amazingly and like royalty
By the end of the night, what is Gawain's state?
He is happy and drunk
What is a vesper?
a prayer
How is the Queen described?
the most beautiful woman in the world
How is the old woman described?
ancient, old, ugly
What do the people of the castle do after dinner?
Go to christmas mass
Who does Gawain become good "friends" with?
the Queen ;)
Who knows where the Green Chapel is?
The lord of the white castle
How far away is the Green Chapel?
1 or 2 miles
When will Gawain have to leave for the Chapel?
Noon of New Years Day
What bargain do the lord and Gawain make?
Whatever the lord wins hunting will be given to Gawain and whatever Gawain receives at the palace will be given to the lord