Dry. Fry Homework #8 The User Interface that I chose to use on Homework Assignment #8 is the famous game called "The Sims 3". The reason why I chose this game is because the User Interface is very advanced, and highly detailed. I figured I could accurately use my current gave save to show in-depth the User Interface is. (Excuse me for using the large size picture. ) To grasp the concept of what you need to do in the Sims 3 is very large and again very detailed oriented. On the bottom of the screen you have a very large control bar.

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Sims 3 is a point and click name more than anything else. So by clicking on objects, places, or people your character can interact with them. On the bottom right it tells me current information about my character that seems to be currently getting tired. Her energy levels are low, and on top of that my character has a "thought" bubble on top of her head that shows a bed. This is what happens when I click on the bed. There are a lot of options here and this is very common with everything you want to interact with. Obviously, I will click on sleep and my Simi will walk upstairs to her bed and sleep for approximately eight Simi time hours.

I will see her dreams in her sleep through "thought" bubbles. I have personally been playing The Sims series since the beginning in the year 2000. I do have trouble at times understanding a task that needs to be completed. There is a "Lessons" manual that looks like this: (Pictured right) However, sometimes the "Lessons" manual is not enough. As you can see a topic for one thing is about 8 pages long however it does not give me always enough details. Let say for example, I wanted to throw a party. Well there are several different parties and I might need to rearrange my living space to accompany these parties.

During the winter months I enjoy throwing a "gifting" party. However, I had to use my trusty friend Google to find out I need a room empty by xix space so people can put their gifts in a pile and then go and unwrapped them. None of this information is listed in the Sims 3 game. When you do start playing the Sims 3 there are tutorials for about five minutes until you get the hang of it. However, if you cannot figure our using the control panel at the bottom or screen, then you must go to the "lessons" manual which is buried in your options screen.

As you can see from the above picture there are several lessons" and going through the manual can become a pain; especially when you still do not find the answer. Eventually and most likely you will end up on Goggle looking for your answer which may take some time, however it holds the best answer usually. Probably one of the biggest issues with The Sims 3 is the loading screen. I decided to time my loading screens to give examples of what you could expect during gamely. The starting screen loaded at approximately after one minute. However, the loading screen to my saved game took four minutes!

I usually find something else to do. I guess this could be expected in this game though as there nine-teen expansions to the game so far. I only have seven-teen of the nineteen expansions which gives my game about Sixty-Six Gigabytes of information to load. Loading times can even take even longer with moods. I believe this is the biggest complaint about the game is that the loading time is extremely long. However, once you are in your game there are no loading times unless you are trying to customize your house, your town, or simply trying to move to another game world. These loading times are less and not often.

There are several repetitive tasks in the Sims 3 such as sleeping, eating, and bathing. Going to work or school takes several hours and since the beginning of the Sims series an ultra-speed button has been added in to make these tasks go quickly. As you see on the user panel below where it said the time of currently 2:32 AM (Simi time) there is a pause, play, fast, ultra-speed, and ultra-speed through current actions. Now because I have several Sims in the house I will spend more time with them then speed through actions as it would speed through all of the house-hold's actions as well.

Overall, I still love The Sims 3 User interface, because I can modify it so much. I can use moods to make things easier in the face. I can speed through actions, but mostly I can get so much information from the user interface that I feel like I never run out of options. The only negatives to the game are the loading times, and finding information can somewhat is a challenge. However, by exploring on the internet I can find many more options than I thought that I could originally do with the game. Works Cited All pictures are from EAI Games the Sims 3, and from my personal saved game.