Through the work, the author tried to use simple elution and also used simple technical principles which lead in the making of this design more simply. However, despite the effort to make this design reliable and valuable, the author is bound to admit that it is no way perfect. Thus, constructive criticism and suggestions are greatly welcome. I Just want to express my sincerest gratitude to the people who contributed a lot and help me accomplish this design and also to the people who criticized and gave advices and suggestions to this design of mine.

I deeply acknowledge your help and contributions; god know s how I really treasure all of you. First, to god almighty, whom I owe my life and all of what I am now, thank for giving me the presence and peace of mind whenever I needed it. Second to my loving family that is my inspiration and reasons of all my handwork's. To my parents whom I owe my life and all what I am now next to god, thank for your endless support, sacrifices, care and love. To my brother and sisters, thanks for all your considerations and understandings.

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Third, to all of my mentors, these are all my teachers ever since I was a child until now when I already Just a steps before to my dreams. Thank you for all my learning's and knowledge you have gave to me as your student. Mentor, Anger. Live F. Pollute, thank you for all the time you share your knowledge and effort you've devoted to us your students. You know you've made most of my knowledge about my engineering course, and I am very thankful for that. Fourth, to my friends and classmates who are always there for me, more on good times than bad times, thank you for all your contributions in this design.

And lastly, to all the author of the books where Vive got all the information's that make this design possible. Thank you and I treasure all of you. INTRODUCTION The ICE PLANT DESIGN is a design, which is the compilation and application of the subjects refrigeration system . It is made as possible to Storing perishable foods, furs, pharmaceuticals, or other items under refrigeration is commonly known as cold storage. Such refrigeration checks both bacterial growth and adverse chemical reactions that occur in the normal atmosphere.

The design is made possible to provide the needs of one corporation for refrigeration of their product; simply it is design for regular/ daily suppliers of block of ices for heir delivery trucks. The design allows the corporation to sell the ice, for which the ice sells according the design computed price to make it economical. This design is to provide our consumers, for which the main objective is to maintain the fleshly of their products, when a product delivered it into its production area. The general purpose to do this design is to sustain the needs for preservation of raw products of our consumers.

Specifically, in order for the needs of production of blocks ice the consumers/costumers requires the ice plant, which is use to reduce blocks ice that provides and maintain its temperature to make that the is fresh for the passing of time. The design provides as to be economical, efficient, harmless, while the operation of plant for production of ice is continuously the said requirement of plant for the design. In this design, requirements for the design proper is in the first page, if the design proper requires to produce ice blocks which is specified its volume of ice block.

This design includes total production cost, production - economic analysis to Justify whether the design is economical or not economical. Some of the layouts of mechanical equipment for design is specifies its dimensions by Autocrat drawing and at last page the list of references indicates as a source of design. REFRIGERATION SYSTEMS The Compression systems The Compression systems - employ four elements in the refrigeration cycle: compressor, condenser, expansion valve, and evaporator. 1 .

In the evaporator the refrigerant is vaporized and heat is absorbed from the material contents or the space being cooled. 2. The vapor next is drawn into a motor-driven compressor and elevated to high pressure, which raises its temperature. . The resulting superheated, high-pressure gas is then condensed to liquid in an air- or water-cooled condenser. 4. From the condenser the liquid flows through an expansion valve, in which its pressure and temperature are reduced to the conditions that are maintained in the evaporator. The Absorption systems 1.

In such gas refrigerators a strong solution of ammonia in water is heated by a gas flame in a container called a generator, and the ammonia is driven off as a vapor, which passes into a condenser. 2. Changed to a liquid state in the condenser, the ammonia flows to the evaporator as n the compression system. 3. Instead of the gas being inducted into a compressor on exit from the evaporator, however, the ammonia gas is reabsorbed in the partially cooled, weak solution returning from the generator, to form the strong ammonia solution. . This process of reapportion occurs in a container called the absorber, from which the enriched liquid flows back to the generator to complete the cycle. 5. Increasing use of absorption refrigeration now occurs in refrigeration units for comfort space cooling, for which purpose refrigerant temperatures of 450 to 500 F (7. 0 to 100 C) are suitable. 6. In this temperature range, water can be used as a refrigerant with an aqueous salt solution, usually lithium bromide, as the absorbent material. 7.

The very cold boiling water from the evaporator is absorbed in concentrated salt solution. This solution is then pumped into the generator, where, at elevated temperature, the surplus water is boiled off to increase the salt concentration of the solution; this solution, after cooling, recalculates back to the absorber to complete the cycle. 8. The system operates at high vacuum at an evaporator pressure of about 1. Spa (0. 145 SSI); the generator and condenser operate at about 10. 0 Spa (1. 45 SSI).