The story is introduced by describing the appearance of the day. The writer explains how soothing the day appears, pointing out some features like the sky and also the air and giving them a description that subsequently builds up a picture of the reader with regard to the setting of the story. This given scenery pleased Miss Brill and the chill never made her uncomfortable as she had worn her fur. From the introduction one can guess that Miss Brill is a music fanatic considering the fact that she had attended an event whereby a band has come to perform. This paper interprets the short story and all events are revolving around Miss Brill.

However, when considering this particular day, there are some changes regarding how the band is performing. In a humorous manner, the writer explains that the band plays as though entertaining a family and that appeared very strange when comparing with how it formerly performed. The writer alleges that it is as if the band is entertaining strangers whereby it does not have to care much on what the people have to say any other time. The entire experience implies that this is one day whereby things have changed when compared to any other day that Miss Brill has ever seen. Changes continue showing up when Miss Brill notices that the conductor is in a new coat. The writer makes Miss Brill appear so certain about the fact that the coat is new. The bands men commence their performance and Miss Brill eyes are right on them, as she seems so much concerned and much entertained. She even foretells a particular portion of the rhythm will be repeated and it exactly happens so.

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Miss Brill is seated next to two other people, an old man in a velvet coat and seated in a strange manner. The other is woman seated upright, busy with a roll of knitting. Miss Brill’s day continues to appear weird when the writer explains that these two did not speak. Apparently this disappoints Miss Brill considering that she was loning for a conversation. Instead she busies herself with listening to others while she is not included in the conversations. This is quite ironical that though Miss Brill has passion towards conversations, she never interrupts others so she may fulfill her eagerness though there is a room for the same. This is quite apparent when considering the quote “…. she thought, at listening as though she didn't listen, at sitting in other people's lives just for a minute while they talked round her (Mansfield 184).

Miss Brill can be imagined as being restless and she is always glancing sideways, hoping that this couple seated next to her will soon leave. Soon she notices another couple arguing over some items. The lady is complaining and she seems not interested in everything the man suggests. Miss Brill probably does not see any sense in what the lady argues about and no wonder the writer explains that Miss Brill feels like moving to shake the lady. Although Miss Brill is not appreciating wherever she is seated, she busies herself with other events that are taking place in the same place. She at all does not like them and she even disapproves their looks, with regard to what the writer explains. The entire experience reveals the fact that Miss Brill is an observant character and in the same context the theme of hatred shows up considering how she concludes about the old couple, “They were odd, silent, nearly all old, and from the way they stared they looked as though they'd just come from dark little rooms or even–even cupboards!” (Mansfield, 185).

Miss Brill continues to admire various events from all parts of the place. She is quite observant regarding what is happening especially when she notices two young girls who have met two young male soldiers and they passionately walk together. Vivid description has been used when Miss Brill stares at all what is happening, the girls, the soldiers, the two peasant women and also thee boy who collects the bunch of violets when he tries to hand them to the woman she never bothers and she instead throws them away. Description has been applied in order to vividly explain how the gentleman ermine toque met looked like. The band continues to entertain people. Miss Brill is enjoying every part of whatever is happening and she admires the turn of events.

Suddenly Miss Brill is caught up by a series of thoughts. She imagines being an actor and how she had to hurry so she would never be late for the performances. Miss Brill thinks of how her English children never known anything pertaining to wherever she spends most of her time and she almost burst into a fit of laughter. At this instant the band has taken a rest and they resume the same process of entertaining immediately Miss Brill recovers from her deep thoughts. Apparently the band symbolizes some kind of relief as any time Miss Brill gets engulfed in deep thoughts the band makes her come back to her senses and she continues enjoying the events around. Miss Brill is ultimately carried away by the music, as all sing along. She actually enjoys moving around while singing. This rescues her from the endless thoughts.

However at that particular instance she does not seem to fit in the group. Others seem quite conversant with the turn of events but she is completely not onto it. Apparently this brings out the theme of alienation as Miss Brill is completely alienated both physically through the dance and also emotionally through her thoughts that seem to wander everywhere, an attempt to catch up with others. An example is when a boy and a girl who come along, whereby the boy the boy refers to Miss Brill as an “old thing”. The boy shows disapproval towards Miss Brill’s presence and he wonders why she is present at this particular event. The girl complements that it is the fur that looks funny, talking of “It’s exactly like a fried whiting" (Mansfield, 189)."