Long Arrow is deaf and stupid. He becomes not deaf and is adopted by Good Running. LA goes on a quest to find the mythical "elk dogs"/horses to prove his worth. Brings horses because he saw the chief's feet/hooves.
"Orphan Boy and Elk Dog" plot
Don't give up, describes how Blackfoot tribe got horses
"Orphan Boy and Elk Dog" theme
Long Arrow (Protagonist), Good Running (LA's adoptive father), chief
"Orphan Boy and Elk Dog" characters
Rama was the oldest son of a king. Viswamithra came over and brought him on a journey where he trained and slew a bunch of monsters.
"Rama's Initiation" plot
The triumph of good over evil
"Rama's Initiation" theme
Dasaratha (Rama's father), Rama (protagonist), Viswamithra (Rama's guide)
"Rama's Initiation" characters
Sundiata transforms from a weakling to a mighty hero who can walk. In the beginning of the epic, he picks up a baobab tree and plants it in front of his mother's house. Soumaoro, a neighboring king invades Mali, and Sundiata decides to challenge him. Soon, Sundiata extinguishes Sosso and becomes a powerful leader.
"Sundiata" plot
The importance of history and remembrance
"Sundiata" theme
Sogolon (Sundiata's mother), Sundiata, Sassouma Berete (Makes fun of Sundiata), Balla Fasseke (griot)
"Sundiata" characters
DQ has gone crazy from reading too many stories of medieval knights and chivalry and thinks that he himself is a knight. He promises Sancho Panza that if he joins him, he will receive monetary rewards. Sancho helps to keep Quixote grounded, though Quixote basically has no idea what is really happening.
"Don Quixote" plot
Incompatible Systems of Morality and The Distinction between Class and Worth
"Don Quixote" theme
Don Quixote, Sancho Panza, Rocinante (horse)
"Don Quixote" characters
Finn spent 7 years learning, accidentally ate salmon of knowledge, got superpowers. Disguised himself as a baby to impress an enemy.
Finn McCool plot
Chopped someone's head off and had his head chopped off in turn, but actually, it didn't happen and he was a hero for his bravery.
Cuchulain plot
After a plane crash, one anonymous man sacrificed his life for the lives of many others.
"The Man in the Water" plot
Some people are heroic when given the opportunity
"The Man in the Water" theme
Life as a child Haitian immigrant is described
"Dyaspora" plot
"Dyaspora" theme
Mattie's mom dies. She gets a job at the Good For You restaurant and brings in new ideas. She bonds with the workers and helps remedy her loss with comfort foods.
"Shoofly Pie" plot
Memories and traditions
"Shoofly Pie" theme
Mattie, Johnny (arrogant), Riyad (kind boss)
"Shoofly Pie" characters
Cisneros describes how being the only daughter affected her relationship with her father and her life.
"Only Daughter" plot
Breaking barriers
"Only Daughter" theme
Cisneros, her father
"Only Daughter" characters
Cisneros describes a day at the beach
"Caramelo" plot
The way the Mexican women are sheltered
"Caramelo" theme
A reporter covers a volcano eruption and meets Azucena, a young girl trapped under debris. We watch with the narrator from home on her TV.
"And of Clay Are We Created" plot
the relationship between Azucena and Rolf Carle, and the way in which this experience enables Rolf to face certain memories of his past and childhood
"And of Clay Are We Created" theme
Azucena, Rolf Carle, Isabel Allende
"And of Clay Are We Created" characters
Zanip Bamjee is arrested for political activism and fighting apartheid. Her husband must cope.
"A Chip of Glass Ruby" plot
You have to sort out your priorities.
"A Chip of Glass Ruby" theme
Zanip Bamjee, Mr. Bamjee, Girlie, Jimmy
"A Chip of Glass Ruby" characters
Pakhom searches to find more land. Once he acquires it, he wants more. The Bashkirs trick him out of his money and he dies
"How Much Land Does a Man Need?" plot
Greed is powerful
"How Much Land Does a Man Need?" theme
Pakhom, Bashkirs
"How Much Land Does a Man Need?" characters
Georg and Ulrich, rivals, are trapped under a tree, call a truce, and are brutally ripped apart by wolves.
"The Interlopers" plot
denial of the rivalry predestined for them
"The Interlopers" theme
Georg, Ulrich
"The Interlopers" characters
An old man struggles to be as independent as possible and chooses to go to an old folks' home despite his family's intent to have him live with them.
"With All Flags Flying" plot
"With All Flags Flying" theme
Mr. Carpenter, Clare, Francie, Mr. Pond
"With All Flags Flying" characters
Pre-Columbian America
"Orphan Boy and Elk Dog" setting
India, ?000 BC
"Rama's Initiation" setting
Mali, Africa, 1200's
"Sundiata" setting
La Mancha, Spain, early 1600's
"Don Quixote" setting
1982, Washington
"The Man in the Water" setting
Boston, 1970's-1980's
"Dyaspora" setting
Texas, 20th century
"Shoofly Pie" setting
Cisneros's lifespan
"Only Daughter" setting
Acapulco beach, Mexico, 1960's
"Caramelo" setting
Colombia Volcano eruption, 1985
"And of Clay Are We Created" setting
South Africa, 1923
"A Chip of Glass Ruby" setting
19th century Russia
"How Much Land Does a Man Need?" setting
Czech Republic, near 1900
"The Interlopers" setting
1960's, Baltimore, Maryland
"With All Flags Flying" setting