Services Marketing 283 Careers in Marketing On the Road Again with Shomotion One of the great pleasures in teaching a Principles of Marketing class is that it offers students from a variety of majors insights into the business world that may profoundly affect them the rest of their lives. Such was the case for Michael Scherkenbach, a Natural Resource and Tourism major at Colorado State University. Upon graduation from CSU, Michael left the friendly scenic con? nes of Fort Collins, Colorado, to work for a family-owned company in Chicago, Illinois.

Although the overall experience was great, Michael found it dif? cult to work with family members on a dayto-day basis. Within a year, Michael set out on his own and created Shomotion—a service-based transportation company specializing in mobile marketing campaigns and entertainment transportation. With a lot of hard work and some incredible luck, Shomotion has assisted in the transportation service needs of the Dave Matthews Band (2000 and 2001 tours), Blink 182, Destiny’s Child, and various other national touring acts.

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Shomotion was selected as the exclusive transporter for the fall 2001 Discover Card/ESPN Tailgate Tour and was contracted to handle several similar marketing tours for Lucky Magazine and Jolly Rancher in 2002. Shomotion provides users with a number of unique services. Ultimately, the company specializes in the transportation and repositioning of mobile marketing campaigns and entertainment transportation. This is accomplished through a wide variety of transportation and driver services. Shomotion’s competitive edge is its abil- Th om so n

Salt Soft Drinks Detergents Automobiles Cosmetics Fast-Food Outlets Tangible Dominant Fast-Food Outlets Advertising Agencies Scale of Market Entities Source: Adapted from G. Lynn Shostack, “Breaking Free from Product Marketing,” Journal of Marketing (April 1997): 77. Le ar ni ng ™ Figure 9. 3 Intangible Dominant Airlines Investment Management Consulting Teaching ity to provide customized solutions to meet the needs of individual customers. For instance, customers can personally select drivers from a pool of over 100 professionals and Shomotion’s entire ? et of vehicles is equipped with state-of-the-art Qualcom satellite tracking and communications. All trailers feature air-ride suspension to ensure the safe transport of sensitive cargo and are out? tted with E-track load-securing systems.