Mentor was valuating the possibility of expanding the operation to include a board array of retail bank services, offered on a 24 hour basis. 'x. They also redesign the banks web site to make it possible to offer what were described as the region's most "user friendly' Internet Banking Services x. The bank started issuing new credit cards containing chips imbued with radio frequency identification (REID), which speeded transaction by allowing customers to wave their card close to a special reader rather than having a swipe them in the traditional way. 2. How could you compare and entrant the Jobs of CAR and CARS?

How important is each to (a) bank operation and (b) customer satisfaction? Customer Assistance Representative (CAR) Customer Service Representative (CARS) Provide customer with the highest quality services with special emphasis on recognizing customer need and cross selling appropriate bank services. Provides service and guidance to customer or prospects seeking banking relationships or related information. Play an active role in developing and maintaining good relations. Promotes and sells needed products and responds to special request by existing customer.

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Seated at a desk with customer, have time to probe for customer needs and to engage in proactive selling. On the other hand, separated from the customers by a counter and speedy transaction are necessary to keep the line moving. Responsibilities: I. Presents and communicates the best possible customer service. Lie. Sells bank service and maintain relationship. Iii. Provide a prompt and efficient operation on a professional level. Responsibilities: I. Provides prompt, efficient, and friendly services to all customer and prospective customer. I'. Identifies and responds to customer needs. Iii.

Sells and service all retail product. Both the CARS and Cars satisfy the customer but as the CARS are for solving customer's queries, they have to be more sensitive towards customer satisfaction. Cars as well as CARS both maintains best customer relations by being friendly to the customers. Head CARS. Candidates Strengths Weakness Karen Mitchell Work with the bank for three and a half years. She was both fast and accurate in her work, presented a smart and professional appearance and was well liked by customer and her fellow Cars. Has previously applied for the post of Head CARS. Lacks in selling ability.

Ranks poorly on selling effectiveness. Appears to resist bank policies on selling. Is averse to selling to customers. Curtis Richter Intelligent and personable. Seeking more responsibility. Experienced of being Head CARS at Suburban branch. Experienced in CAR work. Not previously exposed to consultative selling program. Doesn't know the current Cars at Federal Square. Jean Warships A cheerful woman with a Jolly laugh. Extremely good in communication skills. Good in memorized of people's name. Well organized in work. Ranks number 1 on selling effectiveness. Not fast and accurate as Karen Mitchell