With continued worrying trends of less than half of the students who leave secondary schools attaining 4 or more SEC subjects, there have been consistent calls to address weaknesses, such as mode of delivery, in the system. Realizing that technology is impacting every facet of society, The Ministry of Education and Youth and partners such as The Jamaica Computer Society for Education have embarked on ventures such as The E-Learning project and the De-Tech 20/20 project to make computers available to schools and train and encourage teachers to use them to make learning more meaningfully relevant to students.

According to Wing (1997, p. 223) "Information Technology (IT) can serve as a catalyst and vehicle for arriving at solutions to important endemic problems in the education system. " The multifunctional computer can be employed to enhance teaching methodologies in the dynamic secondary classrooms in Jamaica, through stimulating innovative and diverse approaches to the delivery of the curricula, aiding in lifelong learning and improving teachers' administrative competencies. BODY: l.

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Also, software applications afford teachers the opportunity to improve their administrative competencies so as to meet expectations of the education system, varied learner needs and the society at large. (A)Efficiency in preparing handouts, tests, lesson plans and reports can be achieved through using word processing applications. (B) Microsoft excel allow for accurate calculation of numbers, enabling teachers to better measure, rank and assess students' performance. C) Database management can help teachers to store critical information such as parents' names addresses and telephone numbers.

Conclusion Though not a panacea for all the ills in the Jamaican education system, teachers' use of computers in instruction at the secondary level can enhance their methodologies in order to increase effectiveness and efficiency. (A) "Indicators attest to the fact that new technologies can help in restructuring classrooms with activities to promote collaboration and can provide effective tools for interpretive skills, information management and open inquiry' (Barron and Origin, 1997, p. ). B)The combined efforts of teachers, The Ministry of Education and Youth and all other stakeholders in the education system can help to make computer use in instruction a revolutionary mechanism to meet the learning needs of students at the secondary level. (C) Given the current wave of technophobia in the Jamaican society and the world at large, exposure to the computer, through its use as an educative tool at the secondary level is essential for fostering meaningful, lifelong learning in students, preparing them for the global market place. References Barron.