Science has developed the world very rapidly. Without science we can not think our life comfortable and run smoothly and in facimpossible. In every step we need use of science to run our daily activity from getting up of bed in the morning. we need first brush and toothpaste to wash our mouth, to cook food, to see movie on tv, to talk with other with mobile phone, to send a message with fax machine, to photocopy official papers, to work with computer in offices and in every working places for earning, to go to offices and distant places for searching for earning , to use electric fan. ron, heater, washing machine, to use gas strove, etc all are development of science. our life has become very comfortable only for the development of science. without science life today is impossible.

Although there are some disadvantages of science, but with the advancement in every sector esspecially in science and technologe , information technology the world is developing rapidly. with the invention of various machines today tough work is made possible to do within very short time. with the help of newspaper, radi, TV etc we can get the news of the world even alive. n earlier life we can not think such information as compared with today. so In every step we need use of science to run our daily activity , to maintain family, study of oue children, their career with better use of advantage of science. so i like to read the various articles written by the various authors writer etc to know the advancemant of science today in every field of men's requirement. i am very much interested with word science today. we need more facility from science in future.